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ACTI, Motec and the camber

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by felan, Aug 10, 2016.

  1. Hello,
    it's me again with a question regarding ACTI and Motec;)
    when i look at the camber tab in the provided Motec-project, I see zig-zagged lines and i don't have any clue what I can see there and how it should look ideally.
    Any help is welcome!
    kind regards and thx in advance!
  2. rocafella1978


    have you gotten ACTI to work?? would you be so kind to post screenshots of settings and how you got it to work, i just can't get it to work :( and record laps and show telemetry...THANK YOU THANK YOU!
  3. Simple follow the steps as explained in the provided pdf-file. But I'll post a few screenshots later when I'm back home from work
  4. As I wrote, simply followed the instructions in the readme regarding how and where to unpack the files.
    At the end it should like on the screenshot
    The most important thing is the correct path to the folder where the acti.exe is.
    Make sure you have enabled acti in the AC options.
    Before you start AC simply double-click the acti.exe..start AC...go on track...open the acti-trigger-control app (at the very buttom of the app list)...click on the little green dot/square (cant recall it without starting AC) and it should connect to acti.exe and drive yor laps.
  5. You don't. :p Different tyres have have different cambers that they like, and then because outside and inside tyres work together, "ideal" (symmetrical) camber will depend on the load distribution, and that changes with spring/ARB settings, grip, gears, lines and track features etc.
    So the ideal values are the ones that were giving you the best grip when you were on track.

    The only useful thing i can think off would be to check cambers when the car is unstable (during weight transitions/kerbs etc) and see if cambers are not reason for it (too far the standard cornering values).
  6. Theres no need to study motec data for camber TBH, the only useful thing in there would be I/M/O, which last time I checked AC doesn't have a external output for this very basic figure,you judge camber settings on your tyre temp spread, looking for as close to equal temp spread as possible, about a 10degrees diff is pretty ideal, Should be next to impossible to get equal temps, just be warned AC temps are still a little funny, It can be a exercise in frustration at times, learning setups with real methods in AC.