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ACE 1.2

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by RowingAce, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. AI Challange Enhancer v1.2:

    This mod works ONLY with patch 1.2!!!


    - adjusted Team and Drivers' Performance.
    - Changed AI cars' tier according to the player:
    T1 - RedBull, McLaren, Ferrari​
    T2 - Mercedes, Sauber​
    T3 - Williams, Renault​
    T4 - Force India, Toro Rosso​
    T5 - Lotus, HRT, Virgin​
    - Fully edited trackfiles for more competitive braking points and cornering Speed.
    - Out of Sight Bug fixed for all tracks and all conditions (I couldn't fix wet melbourne and wet sao paulo, so I set rain chance for those tracks to 0).
    - slightly improved AI behaviour (still room for improvements).
    - Improved Race starts.
    - AI mistakes and DNF's adjusted. Limited AI Tyre failure and engine failure to 1 per session.
    - Adjusted accelerated Qualifying times. (ONLY FOR SHORT RACE WEEKEND due to an issue I couldn't fix).
    - Increased Damage to Player and AI Cars.

    How to use:

    - In dry conditions, run medium standard setup or less downforce. AI cars always use the medium standard setup.
    Custom setups will give you an advantage over the AI. Use them only if AI cars are too fast for you.

    - In wet conditions, a CM bug affects things: The Players' car has much more grip in a wet race, than in a wet qualifying; AI cars don't.
    In a wet race or when the race gets wet run lean fuel mix. I always run quick setup nr 2 from the right in dry and wet conditions. With lean mix I am not too fast for them.
    In wet qualifying use quick setup Nr 2. from the left and fast mix, to match the simulated times.

    - In qualifying, ALWAYS use simulated times, if you want AI quali-times to be competitive. The times they drive on track are too slow.

    - I strongly recommend starting a new career since the team tiers have been tampered with.

    Last note: This is as fast as the AI can get without inducing any odd behaviour like the out of sight bug. The actual problem is the setup system, that gives the player much too much grip on extreme setups. If you race the AI, use quick setups If you want competitive races.
    If you use this mod in combination with any other AI mod (especially the ai_driver_config.xml) there's a high chance it won't work properly!!

    Have FUN!!

    /update I: slight update in Tier performance. Link updated

    /update II 04.04.2012: slight update to tier performance, driver preformance, simulated quali times, montreal&valencia updated, flow.bin added

    /update III 04.04.2012: major finetuning in engine power and drivers skills.

    /update IV 05.04.2012: suzuka update

    /update V 19.04.2012: Update in team tiers and engine power.
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  2. How much faster are the AI with the edited track files than the original 1.2 files?

    btw. the link is dead.
  3. actually I don't know exactly.
    In a 10% race melbourne, dry Vettel will drive 1:23,8-9.

    Link should work now.
  4. Thank you for your hard work rowing! Only had a quick blast at monza but all looks great!

    Brilliant to see competitive ai with them staying on track instead of just going off the track.

    Thank you again
  5. Why don't you put kristiannn's and your mod together? Or do you two have a completely other access to this?
    And what's your opinion on this mod?

    There are three mods out there, which claim to solve the out of sight bug even when changing AI speed/braking points... but which one to choose from?
  6. I tried the one from the CM forum, it doesn't work very good in my opinion.
  7. thanks RowingAce, will try this out!
  8. Please tell me then, what you have found out about AI behaviour, especially how they are fighting against you, when coming close to a corner...
  9. THE BEST!
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  10. Great mod. Only problem, as a pad user AI are now about 1.5 secs a lap too fast for me now. I was a little bit too fast for the original AI. Don't want to go back to being too fast with the original AI but it's a bit unplayable for me now.Any way I can slow them down while keeping the new breaking points?
  11. Petar Tasev

    Petar Tasev

    @RowingAce Great job on finishing your AI. I'll check it out when I have time.

    @iammx Can't you just change the difficulty in the menus? Or are you already on lowest one? Also check the "how to use" in OP for suggestions.
  12. Thanks Ryder! Didn't think of that, I use legend. Will try it out.
  13. Holy cow ! Vicious but nice AI ! Totally got my hands full on it ^^
  14. glad you like it. :)
    played the first two races of my career finally, made the goal (15th) barely, scored my first two points in Malaysia racing with one eye in the mirror all the time :)
  15. I use full TC and auto gears, but all other adds are off. AI is on legend here. Had pole with a Lotus and normally I drive away easily from the others but now they were almost constantly underneath my rear wing. I like :p
  16. i just had 2 career races, your mod is amazing. was a fan of ACE 1.0 which made me enjoy the game before patch, now for the 2nd patch it's getting even better!

    Driving in career for Force India, Australia Qualified 14th finished 9th and i was blocking the renaults from taking over my 8th place for the last 13 laps. it was crazy with me defending using all i have with Kers and Mix 3 but finally losing to Nick Heidfeld on e straights to turn 1 with his DRS it was a losing fight. Even the R&D was a challenge for me @ Malaysia :p it's the hardest track for me, had to use both Mix 2 & 3 to pass. thanks again mate for the great mod!

    edit: forgot to add i dont use custom setups nor assists on legend AI, the challenge is both fun and frustrating but worth all your effort!
  17. Hi,

    Is it possible to use just your edited braking point files to improve AI pace and starts, but keep the default database and everything else default etc.? Or willl this mess anything up?

  18. It will mess some things up. My track files need my AI folder files for the out sight bug to be fixed.
    Without big harm you could use the original database, but the original engine power induce a little out of sight behaviour (but just .2-.3 seconds.
    Worse is, that in the database are the accelerated qualifying times which kind of iron out the real AI behaviour in qualifying.
    So it's best to use the mod as a whole.

    But I will incorporate my changes into Mr.Pibbs 2012 databas if he allows it so you can use my mod with his 2012 conversion mod.
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  19. Thanks for the info! That would be excellent - thank you
  20. Petar Tasev

    Petar Tasev

    I would try to develop something that allows us to sort of merge databases but I just don't have the time right now. I see its becoming quite a problem. :(