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Accuforce settings

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by whaletail, Oct 29, 2016.

  1. With the release of the Japanese and Porsche DLC, I'd like to get back into AC, but I could use some help setting up my AF.

    When I last played AC, it felt great with my CSW V2, but in April of last year I joined iRacing, and ended up buying an AF.

    Unfortunately, The AF seems to have largely been designed with iRacing in mind, and doesn't feel right, at least to me, with any other titles. At least not with a basic Game Feedback oriented profile.

    I've heard AC feels much better with Foundation Feedback, but at this point, I'm not even sure how to setup the AC ffb options, let alone working on a base profile.

    I downloaded a few profiles from the Owner's Club, but the most recently uploaded are a year old, and given ACs evolution since then, none felt good at all.

    If any AF owners might be willing to share their profiles, I'd love to try them, but I'm also very interested in hearing why specific effects, and their values were chosen. Right now, I don't even have a decent base setup to work from, so any suggestions, ideas, and insights are greatly appreciated.
  2. I have an AF and have a fairly reasonable feeling in AC. Have you tried doing some laps in the game with Sim Commander running and letting the software create the settings. Go into the Control Center then to the Output Mixer and then the Output Tuning Mixer and select Create Effect Settings from Recorded Lap Telemetry. Run three or four clean laps and come back into this part of Sim Commander and you should see the laps you ran. Select your fastest one and run the wizard. At this point the Effects and the Device Settings are purely subjective. I don't use the game ffb. I tune from the Device Settings tab and use Responsive mode and Overall Intensity at 60%. You can select New and Get from Online Club Online and get profiles from experienced users. There is quite a bit of trial and error involved but that is the nature of the beast. Good Luck!
  3. Thanks for responding!

    In iRacing, I ran my initial laps (so that I could then use one to auto-tune) without a profile, using the default (slightly adjusted) device settings that you can save to the controller box. Although it didn't feel fantastic, it was good enough to use for auto-tuning.

    Unfortunately, the default device settings feel so awkward in AC that I'm not sure the resulting telemetry will be useful.

    So I'm not sure what I should use to run those initial laps.

    I'm also confused about how SC4 and AC should interact.

    In iRacing, if you use Game Feedback (and I think you also need to enable the Game Integration Setting), the iRacing FFB sliders are greyed out, and you control everything via SC4.

    Is this the same in AC? And do most AF owners use Game Feedback or Steering Foundation?

    If the latter, how does it interact with AC's feedback sliders?

    Finally, after I downloaded an AC profile from the Owner's Club and enabled the SC4 in-game HUD (so I could make adjustments on track), the onscreen notice did appear, but the red bar along the bottom did not, so I couldn't make adjustments as I'd hoped.

    This triggered a Windows error message, which stated the game window (or something similar that I assumed meant windowed mode) was set to 0. When I double checked my AC settings, however, I didn't see a window mode option, but I had already disabled fullscreen, which I assume is the way to enable the game window.

    When I checked the video.ini file, none of the settings appeared to control window mode, so I didn't change anything.

    Unfortunately, reloading the profile (which was over a year old, and not a very good starting point anyway) triggered the same error message, and no red bar.

    Does anyone know if this SC4 feature works with AC, and if so, how is it enabled?

    Sorry for the dissertation, but I remember AC used to feel great with my Thrustmaster TX, and with the new Porsche DLC available, I'd like to revisit the game.
  4. Hey whaletail, sorry you are having issues. It is easy to get overwhelmed with sim commander and all the settings, I know I did. Try one thing at a time. I start by using a clean profile and not using any effects or game ffb and just go to the device settings and select responsive mode and use the default settings that are already there and adjust the ffb strength to you liking. In game start with these settings...and adjust to you liking.

    AC FFB:
    Gain = 60
    Filter = 0
    Min Force = 0
    Kerbs = 0
    Road Effects = 5% - fills the texture a bit
    Slip Effects = 10% - gives slight bit of texture to grip loss
    I do use the Enhanced Under-steer Effect too.

    There's a bit of trial and error. I hope this helps some.

    The new Porsches are great. Download the new IROC Carrera skins!
  5. This is really helpful, as a basic starting point is exactly what I'm looking for.

    As a powerful as SC4 undoubtedly is, it's very confusing. Although Bedo's guide is very useful, I wish Bernie would write some proper documentation, or upload some basic profiles for each game (maybe a heavy, medium and light torque profile for each).

    I have car specific (and even some car and track specific) iRacing profiles, but they're pretty similar, and I'm sure I could get away with fewer.

    Anyway, thanks again for your help, Eric, and I'm definitely excited to try some new cars and skins (and paint a few).
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  6. I hope I was of some assistance. SC is too complicated for me with all the choices and options. I do use the recorded lap telemetry to make a profile, but I end up changing the ffb strength. I like to make one profile for each sim and leave it at that. I'd rather drive than tinker. :) Btw, big Graham Hill fan here too. :)