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Account selling?

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Lee Ross, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. Is it possible sell account details on? Just checked and my account is still active but i will not use it again and keep seeing guys wanting a account, is this allowed? Obviously i don't want to sell to someone and then there are issues with WMD
  2. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    Terms of Use / Purchase are not available anymore due to the tool packs section being closed for the time being. I'd e-mail them or make a thread on the pCARS board.
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  3. Marc


    @OP are u still interested in selling your account, got a buddy who would love to get a tool pack...
  4. Already sold sorry :)
  5. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    Did you ask on WMD? If so, could you give me the link?
  6. No mate, i sold it to a guy earlier today via AVF. I put an ad up but it got taken down due to the site not allowing game accounts to be sold, but some guy sent me a PM and said he would have it as i also posted a link in the pCARS forum there. Transferred it all earlier today. I said to him to just give the proof of chat via PM and off forum email if he gets any trouble.

    Can't see there being a problem, it was wasted on me and this guy was wanting to play it.
  7. Still need?
  8. Account for sale (Full Member); 45€
  9. Why are people selling their accounts?
    • Theres people interested in joinin and they see a oportunity to get some profit on their accounts. :)
    • Lack of interest because they thought it was a fully finished game
    • Need money
    So many possible reasons :)
  10. You missed one or two
    * Don't like where the game is heading
    * Too pretty, not enough substance
    * Too arcadey? Too much like Shift

    And as for profit, I thought it wasn't an investment? :)
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  11. Why do you keep doing this when you speak so much about getting back on topics :)
    Sometimes it really "feels" like you hate the game and somehow keep trying to bash it down, is there something you want to tell ?
  12. Was replying to your post about the reasons for people leaving and selling accounts. Were my reasons not as valid as yours? It feels like you work for SMS/WMD as you keep on defending the game like a loved up fanboy. Is there something you want to tell?

    As for being on topic, my post is on topic. Account selling? For some reason you decided to get personal again with me.
  13. Peter

    who cares Premium

    Your post was very clear Andy, they could be my reasons to sell my account.
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  14. Am i a fanboy or are you a hater?
    You will probably rage this but it seems you like to label people with no apparent reason im doing the same.
    So far what i see coming out of you is always an attempt to flame or bash down the project. Your post above with the hint on why so "many" (dont know whats many for you) leave the project is just like an arsenist dropping gasoline and hoping someone would ignite it and when the attempt fails you go and set it on fire yourself with your comment that is because people dont like it and etc etc.. just speculation.

    And now i ask this, have you ever seen me going to your threads related to whatever little game you play saying its crap and that it sucks, that i hate it, that people leave because of my guesses since i have some sort of seer power syndrome?
    You havnt and i will tell you why, because i dont give a damn about it and i dont want to flame or cause troubles. When i dont like something i just keep away from it and this is how normal people behave, if they dont like something they ignore and move on.

    You on the other hand have a continuous tendency of coming back to try and set a bit more fire to the forest like if you could only survive when theres some conflict being generated. You will probably come out with the argument that this is a forum where free speech prevails and everyone can post their opinion.
    Well kind sir my opinion about you is that you are a little troll with a need for attention and when you dont get it you go around these forums provoking other members and flaming around in order to get a bit of conflict just so you can feel alive or aroused, i dont know some people seem to enjoy it.

    I for once am here in order to defend a project i believe in, not because i am a member of project cars community, im not protecting any "investment" like you keep trying to troll around. Even if the FSA came along and said that WMD couldnt go on and they had to return the money to everyone i would still support pCARS and the whole concept, because i believe in them and im not chasing any money or whatever pecky reason you may come out with.

    What i would like after all these months of useless and pointless fights around these forums would be some respect, competition isnt a bad thing and having more games of this genre forces all the others to evolve and become better. So stop being so childish and lets just be at peace, if you dont like something just say it once and it should be enough to understand you dont like it, no need for parrots in here i believe.

    And now im off to celebrate Carnival :)
    Have a good evening chaps.
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  15. :whistling: :D
  16. Usual subject. Might have known. Well I won't resort to personal insults like Bruno and his other WMD members and developers. And Senad, try and act like a responsible staff member and grow up.

  17. Thank you Peter. I was on topic after all. :thumbsup:
  18. Jawohl Herr Andy!
    Yet, I'm not the one trolling parts of the forum for a game I don't like.
  19. Peter

    who cares Premium

    OMG you said "don't like" that makes you a hater,troll and liar. :rolleyes: