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Account Hijacked

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 4' started by Oops, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. Hey guys just a heads up to let you know that I had my account hijacked and who ever it was just paid for 2x5000 point Microsoft cards costing £42.50 each a total of £85 :mad:
    I've been on to Xbox live and they have frozen my account until they have an investigation and then reimburse me,which should take about a week, I even have the b#####d's email addy he used.

    So keep an eye on your accounts.
  2. Thanks Danny, any idea how they got in???
  3. I think someone said it FIFA 12 or sum think good job I ent got it don't know if that's true tho
  4. I've heard FIFA ultimate team and EA websites. None of this admitted though. Only use ms points cards is best .....?
  5. Think al be taking my card off
  6. i just buy all the pre-paid stuff (even for wow) but account security is key for me, hope it gets sorted
  7. I've just had a message saying that my profile was last used on another console when I signed in. It may be because I last used it on Games for Windows Live, but I'm not sure.

    Thankfully, my card was cancelled by the credit card company last week (it was used on a website that had been comprimised, security-wise, apparently), so if someone has hacked it, he wasted his time.

    Part of me hopes that some sad little ****er spent ages getting in and got nothing out of it!
  8. Prepaid is the way to go. I can imagine how frustrating it is getting hacked. Hope it doesn't ever happen to me.
  9. It's the used on another console is the problem. Microsoft try and track them down but who knows what luck they have.

    Surely to get your profile used elsewhere they must have your gamer tag, email and password ...... So unless someone is dull enough to give them away, I'm sure you are not, then somehow they have hacked data somewhere. Remember the fun we had with Sony last year, took them months before they admitted the problem,then even longer to sort it out and get service back online. Data protection my ar$e ..... Al it takes is one corrupt employee to sell his soul.
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  10. Apparently the issues MS had recently were due to bruce force attacks on the password reminder on the website, so hackers didn't need all that much information. The sad little geeks who do this sort of stuff always find a way around the obvious ways of getting in.

    I just spoke to Xbox support and they confirmed that GFWL wouldn't prompt that message, so it looks like someone did try to hack my account. Thankfully, he/she/it wasted their time and got nothing.

    I'd been wanting to remove my card details, so my card being cancelled has worked out quite well anyway.
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  11. Yer I had that a couple of weeks ago, I Payed £40 for a prepaid card waiting for the Porsche pack to come out. The next day someone hacked my account and stole all the points
  12. Just read some more on this about the accounts and points being put up for sale by dodgy Polish ebayers or somesuch. That's 3 on this forum alone that have been done. From Brads experience even points cards aren't safe.
    One story I read had a woman who was done for over 300 dollars as Microsoft did nothing much to help or stop the fraud.
  13. Oh dear!!!! Worried like now!! its comming off tonight
  14. i play f1 2010 on pc and i never get that message
  15. I didn't think it'd be the case, but I didn't want to panic about being hacked until I was sure. MS told me it wasn't the case, anyway.
  16. Just seen this now, removed my card details.
  17. As long as they can assess your account they acn take anything,credit card or pre paid card,the bastards
  18. Just a little update, been on to MS and they have locked my account pending an investigation and have said they will refund me the money, also changed my paypal password and as soon as I get on Xbox live I'll take my card off my details.
    I haven't used my Xbox live account in a very long time so no idea how they got my details, seems to me that someone is selling Xbox live accounts (how else could they get the details?) I asked the guy from Xbox live but he said he'd no idea, surprise surprise !!
  19. Just seen this Brad did you get your points back again?
  20. No mate, I tried to contact Microsoft but they did nothing about it at all.