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Access - Stored Procedure

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Martin Weare, May 10, 2009.

  1. How is a track transformed into a Microsoft Access stored procedure?
  2. I've tried the obvious of putting files in the MAS.exe but it comes up with errors. Ive googled for tutorials and information but cant find any. My track folder when exported from BTB is about 500 dds and GMT files. All other tracks aren't. I would appreciate it if anyone would point me in the right direction.
  3. Yes you need to pack them with the MAS.exe tool.
    Are you using Vista??
    When i was running Vista i couldn't get the MAS.exe tool to work.
    I had to take my files to work & pack with XP.

    The Microsoft Access thing is just the way windows sees the extension & is not a problem.
  4. no, im on xp but when i try to add my file, i get this error..


    The file is there. as wall65_s0.gmt

    Is there a tutorial on how this works exactly somewhere?
  5. you run mas.exe and it pop up with a window.
    you click or drag the gmts to the open window of mas editor.
    same with textures, don't added all th gmt and textures to 1 mas file it will be giant.make at least 2. textures.mas and gmt.mas [filename changeable.)

    eric tozer:, in vista you need to right click the file and run has admin to run aiw editor/mas editor.
  6. Hi Banger, I placed all GMT into mas and saved as object.mas. I placed all DDS into mas and saved as textures.mas

    ended up like this:



    Needless to say the track wont load

  7. Have you checked the search path and mas file entries in your .scn file. I think the order they appear might be important, but you should have something like this:
  8. nope, i hadnt done that. thanks
  9. Its interesting that after zipping.Winrar/or7zipping my track after Making it .MAS, its 120mb in size. If I compress it without adding "MAS" its only 91mb.

    So, the question is, what are the real benifits of compressing it to .MAS"?
  10. Did you remember to delete all the .gmt and .dds files from the folder before you zipped it with the .mas files I wonder?

    As far as the benefits of .mas files, that's just the accepted format for releasing tracks I think. And it does usually reduce the file size of the track. While developing, use whatever gives the smallest zip file :)

    BTW, I have to chuckle when you say 'only 91mb'. I'm old enough [internet-wise] to remember when just 1mb was an impossible download dream lol.
  11. yes, i deleted all thr gmt and dds files afterwards.