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Accelerator pedal adjusting

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Gareth Hughes, Nov 16, 2009.

  1. I have a problem regarding the Accelerator pedal ingame. It appears fine outside of game, the Calibration is good. And in the test area ingame its good, all nice and linear throughout, but, when it comes to accelerating the car, it seems i need to always press the pedal half way down before i get any acceleration. does everyone have this problem? is there some other way of making it so that it starts acceleration soon as i touch the pedal like in a real car?. I've noticed it very difficult to control the throttle on muscle cars and they do require very good throttle control, on other cars its not so bad.
    I know in other flight sims, i can make a curve at every 10% increment so what i would be after is the following setting 0:20:40:50:60:70:80:90:95:100. unfortunately i dont think this kinda curve is possible with the saitek programming software, good as it is, it doesnt have customisable linearity. does anyone know if theres an .ini file for the controller or something i could modify in the game files?
  2. There is a setting in the controls menu for throttle (and brake also) sensitivity. 50% is life-like. Also check your throttle deadzones.
  3. Have seen this and have a couple of theories, but nothing certain so here goes :

    Be wary of fiddling with your pedals and wheel while starting up steam and the game - I am not sure but have noticed strrange behavior that I think is related to wobbling the wheel/pressing the pedals as the game starts up - logic says at some point during start up its gonna take inputs from the wheel and pedals - could this be caused by people confusing this process??

    Sometimes unplug/plug the wheel back in or recalibrate in windows - Cotrol Panel - Game Controllers seems to have an effect on solving this.

    I am assuming your familiar with Options - Controls - Advanced and have NOT set a deadzone for throttle (sometimes a deadzone helps if pedals are registering been pressed when they are not, but usually only 1 to 3% maximun will solve it)

    Finally Gareth - go to bed you crazy person - what are u doing on the forums at this time of night? Are you a raving insomniac tahts gonna regret stopping up half the night tomorrow like me? Anyway don't tinker and restart all night (i've done that toooo many times myself) try it in the morning cause your only gonna be pissed tonight if nothing works! I must now switch off and TRY to sleep!
  4. Try remapping the pedals in game, it works for me when mine goes like yours.
  5. Hello, thanks for the suggestions. Ryan i checked and have played with it on 50%, also tried moving it to 100-1% and seems no different, thanks for the tip though i'll leave it on 50%.
    Dave, you quite right mate, i read your message last night an hour later after a lot of fiddling around and your right, i went to bed, lol. Yeah i dont task swith or unplug it between destop and game, i understand why mate. deadzones in control panel have been set with 1% off bottom as i found in game with no throttle the car would be braking and go into reverse, which is quite odd, but leads me onto my next thought.... you know the throttle/brake axis is combined in game by default for some wheels. it might be i have one of the wheels it does that for. i would expect that i should be missing 50% of my brake pedal also but im not, im just missing 50% of the throttle. if the controller was not set up to be independant throttle and bbrake axis (per pedal) then the lower 50% of the pedal would brake and reverse the car, and the 50+% would be the acceleration. so, im wonderring if this is actually a problem with the game engine for certain controllers. (i have Saitek R440 MkI FFB).

    Thanks for the idea tho Dave, im going to try Bobs suggestion out next and see how i get on with that. one thing i do know is tho, that the first time you install the game, everything works perfect, its only after you've closed the game down and unplugged the controller that for everytime after you play the game, the problem is there. so i kinda need to get it back to how it is when the game runs for the first time ever. Bob might have the answer, if not, im going to try also deleting the controller profile then replug the wheel in the usb and load the game again and see if that makes it like new.

    Will report back with the results... thanks.:nailbiting:
  6. Bob! BIG Thanks! I remapped the throttle and brake axis and that fixed everything!! OMG my lap times are going to be so much better now, :smile::smile::smile::smile: