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acceleration pedal too sensitive?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by caribbean77, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. hello all, I dont know if its a configuration problem or the game is that way, but I feel I have a lot of oversteer when
    accelerating, I feel that the pedal is very sensitive and that much of the
    acceleration occurs near the end, this makes me lose control and be difficult to
    apply the correct amount of acceleration.
    I want more definition on the throttle earlier rather than later and be more precise with the throttle mid turn
    Ive been testing a lot of setups, I
    think the problem is not the car setup, is the configuration, I have a logitech
    momo wheel.
    I would appreciate if you have any tip or advice about the best
    way to set the acceleration pedal.
    thank you all.
  2. Im having the same problem, but the problem is when i start at the beginning of the race my wheels constantly spin and i lose alot of speed, Throttle Deadzone is 10% im going to up it to 35% and will let you know if there is any difference, i'll report back once i have experimented with it myself, maybe you oculd use mine as a guideline.
  3. ok, thanks for the reply, I forgot to show my configuration settings...
    my throttle saturation is in 0% and deadzone in 0%.
    What are the effects putting higher values of saturation?
  4. Select the MOMO Profile and then change the buttons only (if you want) not the gas and brake and pedals. In one word don't use custom profile - customize the momo profile. You will feel the difference. Maybe you will need to set steering dead-zone to 0 because by default is set too high-20%.
  5. If you make custom profile you will be using different axis for the gas and brake pedal then the momo profile. In custom mode the pedals are too sensitive. Or you can make combinations. I use momo brake axis and "custom" throttle axis.
  6. thanks slavko, but my problem is only when accelerate, I feel comfortable with my steering settings, I want more definition on the throttle earlier rather than later, because for example on the exits of slow corners I have to push the pedal almost to the end, and then the car oversteers because there is too much throttle applied! I have to be a micro surgeon to apply the correct amount of throttle!! I didnt feel this on F1 2010, I felt 100% comfortable with my settings!
  7. I think
    this image will explain my problem better!

    Right now the green line represents the behaviour of my acceleration
    pedal (I think...), so as you can see with for example at 80% pressing the pedal I get a 30%
    of throttle, that makes almost all acceleration ocurs on the end of the

    I dont know if I will need a linear value like the blue line or maybe I will
    need the values like the red line,

    Sorry for the bad graphic but I think I can explain my issue better!
  8. Ok just remap the throttle pedal in controller settings. Press enter on the accelerate position and then press the throttle pedal. You will see that the axis will be different. Now you will have more control because the pedal will be more sensitive.
  9. There is a bug with the MOMO profile - the throttle pedal is not working in full length. So the fix is to remap the throttle axis.
  10. Ill try that! thanks for the tip, also when you say there is a bug are you talking about in game or in the logitech momo profiler on windows?thanks
  11. Thanks for that tip slavko. Helped me tweaking out my Thrustmaster FGT... Also the steering work's fine now after remapping the buttons only in the actionmap and not in the option's menu.
  12. The problem is only with this game. The predefined profile is using different axis for throttle and brake. For the brake pedal it is better to use the predefined axis because, with the custom axis you will be locking the brakes at every corner.
  13. I feel exactly what the OP is talking about and I'm on 360 with the XBox wireless wheel. At some point in the pedal travel it's like a toggle switch turns on, and adjusting the in-game settings only moves that point around instead of spreading it out. No wheel software adjustment outside of the game of course so I just put some rear wing in it and try not to crack the egg! :D
  14. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    Thanks for this, I am going to try it out on my Logitech DFGT. As my throttle is the same as Caribbean77 perfectly described, and it's annoying me. I never used traction control in F1 2010, but I have to switch it to medium on many tracks in F1 2011, as the throttle is just WAY too sensitive coming out of slow corners, hence the spins.

    EDIT: I just did a few quick laps around Canada, and I think I see an improvement, I'm just hoping it's not the placebo effect kicking in :)
  15. No it's not the placebo effect. It's working and comes useful especially during wet conditions.
  16. caribbean77, how i do understand you... i have the same problem with my momo.
    maybe if someone tweaks the file "Logitech MOMO Racing USB NEW.xml" can fix this issue.
    in this xml file there is this line:

    <Action actionName="Accelerate">
    <Axis axisName="win_con_di_axisY" deviceName="046dca03" baseCalibration="biDirectionalLower" deadZone="0" saturation="1.0" />

    ill tweak the saturation value to see what hapens and later ill say something.
  17. well, at moment i have done 3 fixes to logitech momo profile in f1 2011, just editing xml controler file:

    changes are:
    1 - now u can navigate menus with controler buttons (when u start game use wheel start button instead keyboard, wheel this way will be set as default controler ;))
    2 - changed the default 20% steering deadzone to 0% (wheels do not need steering deadzone...)
    3 - changed brake deadzone to 2% since this corrects the Slipstreaming issue. u can read about it here:

    About the "acelarate pedal too sensitive" i'm not shure yet if its possible to correct, but ill give a try later with more time...

    This changes are only for LOGITECH MOMO controler.
    Maybe tonight ill put here download link, if not, tomorow i will ;)
  18. another thing i forgot, another user as done a wonderfull change to forcefeedback settings. It works for all controlers.
    It changes that stupid vibration when u are turning and runing on tarmac. that vibration was set to off! u just need to replace a single file. Sooo, later ill place all files here.