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Tracks AC Zandvoort Sponsors DTM 2015 1.1

Assetto Corsa Zandvoort Sponsors DTM

  1. RevoxNL submitted a new resource:

    AC Zandvoort Sponsors DTM 2015 - Assetto Corsa Zandvoort Sponsors DTM

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  2. Thanks for this! I have a question though, why are there so many files? Like driver face, asphalt, sand and tons of stuff. I thought this only needed the sponsor files. I never used a sponsor mod so im just wondering. :)

    Thank you.
  3. hi mate your right i was forget to remove others :sleep::D
  4. Haha! :laugh: Time to download again then. Thanks. :thumbsup:

    EDIT: Or wait, you didnt upload new fixed version? Not sure what needs to be removed and what stays.
  5. Just a tip: As nice as your idea and the textures are, next time only include your custom textures in the texture folder and not the entire content of the official kn5 file. That makes people's lives easier by only having to download a file of <10 instead of 128MB and you avoid getting into legal trouble with the devs... if I were you I'd update this.
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  6. Any chance of you making Spa adboards? :D