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Abarthy Party! (LIVE)

Misc AC weather mod pack. 1.0

Sun, Clouds and Rain at your finger tips.

  1. hazy submitted a new resource:

    Epic AC weather mod pack. - Sun, Clouds and Rain at your finger tips.

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  2. Among many changes - the "rainy" part is now much more accurate to what it would look like, meaning - everything is now grayish instead of blueish and the track is brighter compared to the sky then before.

    Try to keep it between 10 and 16 hours and temp close to 10

    The "cloudy" is currently the worst looking IMO but I'll work on it some more latter.

    Try to keep it around 12 hours and temp in the middle

    But the "Sunny" is what I'm mostly proud of, just look at those colors.

    Looks best around 8 and 18 hours, set temp close to 36
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2014
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  3. Hazy...Love your work. When I look for something to add, I know that you deliver what I'm looking for. Thanks for sharing more fantastic work, cheers mate.
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  4. really good work ! I like the rainy grey one most
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  5. this dude has admitted using a pirated copy on assetto forum, has not even bought it
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  6. I'd delete anything he's uploaded
  7. Thanks, just tried it, loved the rainy weather, brings a bit of fresh auir to the same dull blue sky that we always see :p
  8. If he really is using a pirated version, it's really out of date and i dont recommend using anything he modded as it could conflict with the updated stuff.
  9. the files are out of date because they havent been updated since february, it has nothing to do with him being a pirate or not. if they don't work, the originals can easily be swapped back in. worst case deleting the files & do an integrity check on steam will get the originals back.
  10. Its the principle of the matter that you're supporting a pirate of a game that you truly love and want to see succeed.
  11. frankly, i think the opposite; he's supporting the game by adding to it; i'm not supporting him by downloading (or not downloading) his mod, unless his ego is very, very fragile.

    i just think pirates should more or less be embraced by the community; i want to see all the PC sims here succeed & have bought most of them by now because they all have aspects that i like. maybe this guy couldn't do that at the time, or didn't feel the need, but by joining a community he's more likely to want to see the game do well himself, & therefore do the right thing & purchase a copy to support it.

    how i look at it anyway.
  12. You are not supporting a pirated game by modding it, you support a game by BUYING it!
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