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Skins AC URD T5 DTM Skin Pack 2016 1.0

AC URD T5 2012/2013 DTM Skin Pack 2016

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  1. Can you make them for URD T5 2015?
  2. Slave and Stadtaffe have here on RD a Audi and BMW DTM Skin Packet for the URD T5 2015.
    The Mercedes are at the moment the Same in the URD T5 2012/2013 and the 2015 Version.
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  3. But they made skins 2015. And we ask skins 2016 to T5 2015! ;)
  4. Maybe when the T5 Maures 2016 comes out.
    I currently have no paint template for the T5 2015.
    You can ask Slave and Stadtaffe whether they change their skins to the 2016 Version. Is easier than I completely create New Skins.
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