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PC AC RC issue - GUI on left monitor(triple screens)

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Jake Adams, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. when i come out of a session the main GUI is on my left monitor (triple screens) How do i get it to show on my middle screen.
  2. Fred E Jay

    Fred E Jay
    Premium Member

    Could be worse...
    I also have a triple screen. Since I installed version 1.0, most of the menus appear only by half : they're locked on right side of the screen and I can't see their right part of them. which means I don't have access to most of the sttings. I can't even start a race !
    I'll post this problem on main Assetto Corsa forum and hope someone finds quicly the solution.
  3. Best solution is to run the launcher in a window.

    Open 'my documents/assetto corsa/cfg/launcher.ini' and change 'fullscreen' to 0. You can also change the 'width' and 'height' parameters to make it run at a specific resolution.
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  4. Stereo

    Premium Member

    I have my middle screen set as primary, launcher runs fullscreen on that & game runs triple 'windowed' (full 5760x1200 res), no issues.
  5. Triple screens here also, no problems running "full" screen. I did remove the early access version before installing 1.0 - 5.7 GB.
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  6. Fred E Jay

    Fred E Jay
    Premium Member

    Thank you very much Brun, your solution works perfectly : I now have the GUI windowed but complete and the game runs perfectly !
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  7. Doesnt fix my problem. I switched my monitor around so the left one is in the middle via surround and it will still show the GUI on the left screen. Is there any other ini file I can change.
  8. Changing to windowed doesn't do it for me. Running 2x GTX 770 SLI, Surrond mode. If I use a bezelcorrected custom resolution in AC it works fine. Haven't noticed any performance cons doing that.
  9. My work around is while on the left screen i click the AC logo at the top that will go to the main gui and then again to go to the career events GUI which will now be on the middle screen. Then start a session from there. after exiting a session it will be back on the left again.