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Tracks AC oval tracks... Help needed...

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Modding Discussions' started by Riblo, Jul 4, 2016.

  1. I have bought the URD EGT mod and i found inside it the Indy light cars too both road and oval...
    There is no oval tracks in AC and i would like to include some to use the indy light oval too...
    What are the best oval tracks available right now for AC that are not blatant rips/illegal stuff?

    Thanks in advance for the kind replies...
  2. Hi,

    Actually i have these track :

    - Daytona
    - Indianapolis
    - Jacksonville
    - Mointainpeak

    But some of there need new IA and Camera.
  3. Are they legal or rippoffs?
    I need tracks with working AI and cameras too if i want to play offline too ofc... ;)
  4. As above, Mountainpeak (link) is one of the nicest ovals for AC, and pgapromichael also converted Joesville (link) with LilSki's help. These are authorized rf2 conversions, unfortunately the author planned to release more but quit after the official track mods forum closed, and aren't available in RD.
  5. Thanks for the links...
    I will get both... Now i must get more US tracks (real and fictional but legal) and build a career for URD indy light cars... ;)
  6. LilSki


    Mountain peak and joesville have both been turned over to me. I will get to some updates on them soon. They are indeed authorized conversion from rF2
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  7. I've just saw Martinsville announced for rF2, could it be that pgapromichael is taking care of it?
  8. LilSki


    Anything is possible but I highly doubt it. That looks like something that has been in development for some time now and not just a few months.
  9. DutchDevil79


    I was actually really looking forward for Barber Motorsports track from him. Ovals are fun for a race or two but you need a big field for it and I don't see that happening in Assetto. I have Iracing for that do.
    Ahh well maybe somebody will scratch build Barber for Assetto some day.