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AC GT3 Register and Appreciation Society

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by BanjoMaster, Jan 7, 2014.

  1. Bored, bored, bored, so thought I'd start a wee thread tracking the GT3 cars we're getting, have got, and don't have yet in Assetto Corsa. Love them or loathe them, the GT3 class has been a massive success story, probably the most successful GT category ever, so it'd be good to have as many as possible in AC whilst the going's good, so to speak (it rarely lasts this long in sportscar racing :D )

    I've kept the list as current as possible, so I've left out a lot of the older cars which are either out of homolgation or haven't been seen anywhere in a while. Have I missed any of the current mainstream cars, or even some of the rarer currently-raced cars?

    Cars licensed
    - Nissan GT-R GT3
    - BMW Z4 GT3
    - McLaren MP4-12C GT3
    - Merc SLS GT3

    Cars outstanding
    - Porsche 997 GT3R (Neeeeeeever going to happen I don’t think)
    - Audi R8 LMS (Was voted for, so probably safe to say we’ll get it around September time)
    - Ferrari F458 GT3 (Wouldn’t be much of a stretch to do, but we already have the GTE so…)
    - Callaway Z06 Corvette GT3 (Getting pretty old in the tooth, but still homologated, still awesome)
    - Callaway Z07 Corvette GT3 (None exist yet outside CAD/drawing board)
    - Viper GT3-R
    - Bentley Continental GT3
    - Aston Vantage GT3 (We should be getting the V8 GTE car instead…?)
    - Lamborghini Gallardo FL2 GT3 (Unlikely to be officially licensed, but Radiator Springs are doing the road car to a very high standard…)

    Weird GT3 Outliers
    - Ginetta G55 GT3 (Only homologated for regional/national series I’m sure, but bags of potential & sounds awesome)
    - Lambda Ford GT3 (Pretty left-field, and not seen outside GT Masters)
    - Reiter Camaro (See Lambda Ford)
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  2. I'd love to see the Bentley.
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  3. Snap.
    458, R8 and the Vantage and we could have a pretty damn good GT3 series going here *hint hint* :D
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  4. . . . and the RUF
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  5. Camaro! When it sounds just a little bit like in real life, i will totally be lost in AC from that moment, it is released. Absolute dream car. :D
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  6. Already in the pipeline ;)
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  7. What i wouldn't like to see is all these beautiful cars made and then everyone chooses the same car.
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  8. True. Happens when one car stands out and can lap 1 second faster. Maybe we should have 'teams' and pair drivers up of differing abilities and then have a random draw to see what car that team gets?
    Could add a more fun element to it as well.
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  9. That's a great idea but, could there also be some weight penalties implemented to keep the racing closer?
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  10. Nissan gtr gt3 licensed? Never heard of it.
  11. I'm sure Aris did say he will implement ballast and restrictors.
  12. Will the Lamborghini not come on a license with Audi? Might be a possibility.
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  13. Nobody wants the Viper?? The new car looks so good!
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  14. I thought it was a given that we want all of them!
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  15. The Viper and the Bentley..mhhhhhh amazing :D
    To be honest: I like every GT3 car^^

    To continue the list with exotic GT3 cars:

    Mosler MT900 GT3
    Ascari KZ1 GT3
    Alpina B6 GT3
    Morgan Aero 8 GT3
    Ford Mustang GT3
    Maserati GranTourismo MC GT3
    Jaguar XK-RS GT3
    Lotus Exige GT3

    PS: It seems like we will see a nice GT3 grid in AC
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2014
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  16. Did you see the Roar before 24h in Daytona the last days? Corvette Racing showed up with two new Z07 Corvette (not from Callaway and not 100% GT3, but still nice to look at :D ) (25th-26th January you can see them again #24h@Daytona)

    I saw a Ford GT GT3 also in last years DMV TCC and in the VLN, one from RS Racing and one built by the team owner himself
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  17. But of course! :D
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  18. Yeah i think any GT3 car will be great, the Ginetta's look like a lot of fun and sound so so nice, around the UK tracks they will be a lot of fun.
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  19. Yeah would be pretty cool to have all these GT3's
  20. Yeah I've been tracking the progress of the new GTE Vette. It'll be a monster, no doubt. Hopefully both it and the Viper will be more competitive at LM this year; the Vette kind of got BoP'd to death last year, and the Viper was just too new. It's another car I would love to see done by Kunos, but it's a different class to the GT3s listed above.
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