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Featured AC Console Preview "Engineered to Perfection"

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Paul Jeffrey, Apr 7, 2016.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Member Premium Member

    505 Games and Kunos Simulazioni continue the drive towards Assetto Corsa's upcoming release on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 with a new console trailer featuring some of the finest content to be found in any racing game.

    With a release date slated for June 2016, Kunos are firing up the promotional push before the studio take on the mighty Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport franchise on PS4 and Xbox One respectively.

    "Made with real manufacturer data and telemetry, the game provides pure driving realism in every area, from bespoke handling, to precision physics, to nearly 100 cars in meticulous detail. Drive dream cars from leading manufacturers on laser scanned real tracks, in the most realistic racing simulation there is..."

    The PC version of Assetto Corsa recently reached version 1.5 to much acclaim among community members and the team behind the title are committed to continue advancing the game in what is already a highly competitive and crowded marketplace for sim racing enthusiasts.

    With Project CARS recently releasing on both console and PC it will be interesting to see how Assetto Corsa faces up to its main cross platform rival in the coming months. Assetto Corsa is available to purchase right now on Steam for Windows PC and the console edition will be available in all good retailers June 2016.

    RaceDepartment have a dedicated Assetto Corsa forum for news and discussion around all versions of the title as well as a substantial mods section for PC racers who wish to customise their edition of the game with new and interesting community-made content.

    For those who wish to test their skills against fellow sim racers in a friendly and safe environment head on over to the Assetto Corsa Racing Club for regular events held for all skill levels across a variety of fun content.

    Will you be buying AC on console when it releases? If so what is your console of choice? How do you think the game will stand up against rival Forza, Gran Turismo and PCARS? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. If the console release is functionally the same as 1.5 and you cannot change your paints in a non-booking online race and the AI doesn't pit for tires unless they need fuel I don't see how this wont be a failure compared to complete titles like Forza and GT.

    Considering Kunos has long since been paid by 505 according to beta testers I don't see how it's any skin off their backs if the game works out or not.
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  3. No beta tester said that, it was just PRC talking about things they dont understand with an illusive source. He makes it seem like beta testers are some higher race, they just test things.

    As for 505 i assume they have a minimum expectation and rating which will 100% be met due to the lack of racing games on consoles and high number of people with wheels on consoles.
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  4. Azure Flare

    Azure Flare
    World's fastest mobile chicane Premium Member

    Perfection? They still have a lot of engineering to do.
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  5. they need some proper beta testers who actually find and report these bugs before they launch a big update. + Gran Turismo will shut down AC on PS4 anyway.
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  6. Matheus Machado

    Matheus Machado
    Talking Door Racing Premium Member

    How I wish I had this back in the PS3/2 era...:rolleyes:

    Couldn't be more excited for a console release knowing I don't have any current gen consoles:D!
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  7. Torcano

    Premium Member

    No, I won't be getting the game on console because I haven't owned a console since the PS2 and I value my money. But in all honesty I do wish them success, and I can't wait to see how it will actually be received on the consoles because till now I find most of the console people I talked to seemed rather excited and looking forward to AC. After the monumental cockup of PCars on consoles, now it's time to wait and see how AC (mis)manages it's baggage. Also, the added bonus of it being an AC launch is the immense certainty of browsing through endless threads/posts on the interwebz preaching about how bad it is right up until the launch, which clearly works considering how terribly AC is doing on the PC. ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

    But what do I know, I'm not an armchair expert.
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  8. Not when they skype with the devs
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  9. I wonder if Kunos upped their game with career mode for console release?
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  10. You cant find everything every bug with 50 or so testers, sure a lot of things can be patched and found but there is a large difference between 50 testers and several thousand players with a stupid amount of configurations. I highly suggest you gain some respect for the beta testers because many games would be way more screwed then they currently are.
    That is the most flawed plan ever, say for example i go up to Stefano and ask him on skype if they got a Porsche license and they said yes and then screenshot that and sent it to PRC it would make it pretty damn easy to find the person giving away information.

    There are those that want sim racing to improve, they point out flaws, they may get fixed, they may not for a variety of reasons. Then there are those that are maliciousd for the sake of it, PRC got mad at kunos for having large patch notes, they got mad for constant additions to the tyre code.
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  11. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    As the usual suspects have arrived again to stir things up in this thread I'll just warn you up front to stay on topic.
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  12. Ok back on topic i find it odd that they would choose to have the lights on in a lot of the shots, especially the F40.

    The older pre-dlc cars in AC pretty much just had white blocks for the lights and its the same case here. Would have thought that the logical choice would be to hide the visual flaws.

    A more interesting thing i noticed was that some people on the ps4 subreddit thought that trailer was all pre-rendered, thats funny
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  13. Great video, Made me want to buy the game immediatly, But seeing as I already have it on PC I might just indulge myself and fire it up for a lap or 20....
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  14. and no I wont, Its updating.

    Maybe I'll watch that video a couple more times...
  15. wonderful trailer for a wonderful sim.
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  16. Because a beta tester talk to Kunos devs about bugs it automatically means they spill the beans to the tester? Pretty weird statement if you ask me.
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  17. Glaurung

    Staff Member Premium Member

    I think I'll buy it for my son, so he can enjoy with it on the console gamepad for a while, .... hopefully trying to delay the moment he'll outclass me with a wheel :p
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  18. Trust me, delay it as long as you can because it doesn't take them long to catch up @ all :cry:
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  19. Vedo

    Premium Member

    There is no sim like AC, I'm talking about the pure driving experience. No other sim gives you so much immersion that you are really driving a beast of a car. I don't care about the pit-stops, and all the other things you guys mention, I just enjoy getting into my Z4 GT3 and racing around the Nordschleife with other folks online.

    So, just to support Kunos - day one purchase on my PS4 too.
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