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AC Beginer looking for some assistance

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by myvracelog, Dec 23, 2014.

  1. Looking for some help/ guidance on how to properly set up AC visuals.

    Ive played AC very little and my knowledge of the game you can fit in a thimble so I figured I would go somewhere I could get some help. Bought the game last year for a nice price and did not have time to play it. I thought with having time with holidays I would give it a go, really like the modeling and the feel of the cars a great deal even with no set ups.

    Last night I was racing at spa and I kept getting some gpu or cu warning at top of my screen. Yet I was not having any lag or fps issues. I tried to turn things down but for some reason I thought I turned shadows off but they still show up.

    Processor Intel Core i7-960 3.9GHz
    Radeon 6950 2 GIG Memory OC 32 Channels
    12 gb ram

    I can't upgrade right now it is what it is... for another year. Or so. Thanks ahead of time for helping if you can.
  2. The CPU occupency warning is to do with the amount of A.I. cars you run against. Turn your GFX back up and run fewer A.I. opponents and it will dissapear. I would suggest an O.C on the procesor, but from what I remember your 960 @ 3.9 is already a fairly good O.C. for that chip.
    I have a 2500K@4.3, and I don't remember the last time I saw this.
  3. So is this game a huge gfx hog?

    I really like to run with about 20 AI (i like a busy track) and use less shadows, but even when I turned shadows down they still appear.

    I was also using stock track and cars.
  4. This problem still exists? Hm, I thought it had been delt with long ago as I have not seen that message for ages now.

    Anyhow...Yes AC is fairly demanding on the graphics but shadows is not the biggest thief of resources, reflection settings and/or AF/AA is.
    As suggested you might have to turn down the number of ai to get rid of it, might be related to your cpu being a bit older - it simply might not be able to cope with a full grid. Overclocking should not really be neccesary on more recent cpu's. I run mine at stock (i7-4770) and have not had that warning since many, many builds ago.
  5. Its not so much the graphics as the AI routines for your opponents when you get the CpU occupancy warning. Try fewer cars, 15 maybe and see how you go. It's a different issue than Graphics, what frame rates are you getting?
  6. Turk


    It's not just a graphics hog, it's hogs your processor too and anything else it can get it's hands on.

    It's not a graphics problem you have, it's the cpu trying to drive 20 cars around a track that's causing problems. Are you using the same car or lots of different cars? Having loads of different car types can also slow things down.

    The easiest solution is to run with less AI cars, or race online.
  7. yes Michael I was making a multi class race with like 20 cars four different types of cars.

    went to the forum ac faq. Helped a lot. Still some warning but much less now.
  8. also would like to say, i really like how cars feel in this game. really balanced, feels much more like a real car then other games in the short sample ive had so far. Like it in that way much more then the other big 2.
  9. Turk


    I think it can depend on the cars too. I think the really powerful and tricky cars to drive can give the AI system some bother. So if you're racing the likes of the Lotus 98T reduce the amount of AI.
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  10. Nick Milton

    Nick Milton
    Premium Race Ban

    I just got this today, never had it before, was running 23 A1 all different, but now getting this? Also in video options, git a white box where the drop down was for resolution, can't lower