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AC: a game i like the sound of

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Scott Tanner, Nov 6, 2013.

  1. Scott Tanner

    Scott Tanner
    3vil - Steam

    I am woefully ignorant about this game for two reasons. If it pans out to be bad as in a rushed released over hyped and buggy as hell (which i doubt) i simply cannot be dissapointed, two if it turns out to be amazing as it sure looks great and the physics model tech demos look superb then all i can be is happy.

    Something tells me this is going to be really enjoyable because its a proper sim ( i hope) and i currently race a simcade (F12013). I have a DFGT which i have tried my hardest to use and enjoy with F12013 but i cannot get into it because the game feedback for this wheel is very odd to me. I guess because its more simcade the games interpretation of the feedback is just that an interpretation, rather than the developers having actually driven racing cars or gotten direct real driver feedback to the controls as Simbin used to do and probably still do as do the iRacing guys as do ISI i would imagine. I hope that AC will give me a much better feel for this wheel i have to feel proper in my hands and against the track that my eyes and brain working in tandem for.

    Currently trying to race F1 2013 with a wheel is like me trying to enjoy my favorite dish but my smell sense isn't working and my hands are seized from arthritis and cutting the food with utensils is awkward or if you have ever done this which is to lift up to your mouth a cup of what you believed to be hot coffee turns out to be stone cold in that instant the brain recalls the lovely taste of hot sugary coffee only for your mouth and tongue to fire that alarming opposite sensation at your brain making me at least retract in disgust (i hate cold coffee more than politicians). In other words doesn't quite feel as normal as i naturally expect it too.There are already sim games out there that have catered for realistic feedback with wheels i know this but i absolutely detest them and have avoided them for two reasons They are ugly and sound horrendous.Namely your favourites like RF or IR. Please don't leap off your mountain to come down and scathe me with your wrath, i totally get why so many of you guys race these games and i admire your passion for them i really do.

    Call me a graphics whore or whatever you will but i can't bare games that are old looking with old revamped game engines and far worse than that awful sound effects. It simply makes me cringe. Each to their own i guess but i cannot bare mainstream films for the same reasons, nor pop music or tv shows. Thats me and i cant change that.
    I play to be immersed into a fantasy role of being a race driver and glorious visuals and sounds really help me melt away into fantasy land for a few hours whilst i play on my PC at night.This is why i play F1 2013 simply because its a nice looking and sounding racing game.Underneath it all its absolutely rubbish with so much of the sport not included because its a leisure game not a serious e-sport/simulation but it suits me for the time being but it always leaves me wanting something much better looking sounding and playing.

    Which brings me back to AC.
    AC is looking very nice but i haven't followed it much but i know due to RDs coverage of its news updates i am at least hopeful that its the sim racer you have all wished for for years. So my lovely RD pals. In nutshells what is it that has your hands shaking with anticipation for this wonderful racer ? What is THE thing it has that others of old don't have?

    Or you can tell me to not be a lazy sod and give links but i prefer to hear from you and what you think rather than web promo links or other game site :)

    If i drink too much hot coffee i go off in mini rants ,warblings or forum threads. Caffeine does that to me :D
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  2. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Ever since my first handson with the game at Gamescom last year it's the physics that have been impressing me.

    Personally the tip top graphics it also delivers don't interest me much to be honest. I am more a 'feel guy' I think.

    Cars feel connected to the road. Have realistic grip and therefore a more realistic behavior.
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  3. and moddability ! (even if RF1&2 do that)
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  4. As long as it plays like the tech demo and runs at a decent fps I'll be happy.
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  5. - Best forcefeedback without fake effects.
    - Ferrari license in a sim!!! yeah
    - Laserscanned tracks where you don´t have to pay for every single track like in iRacing
    - I like the guys from Kunos
    - Best feeling for the car i had in a sim so far. In many others it happens often that the car spins out of nothing and i don´t know why. In the AC TechPreview i always know what´s gone wrong.
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  6. Scott Tanner

    Scott Tanner
    3vil - Steam

    It seems like the common factor is a very real connection to the visual feedback your eyes are telling your brain,telling your mucles telling your hands and feet.

    Its this that always feels odd to me with many racers hence hwy i havnt ever gotten into them seriuosly over the years and just stuck to crappy joypad racers.

    Hopefully then AC will give me something to really enjoy driving in. This tech demo was it only playable for certain people and reviewers? Is there anything i can try right now?
  7. The TD was for people owning one of their previews games, netKarPro. It is only 3,99Euro, you can buy it right now and try the TD too... http://www.netkar-pro.com/main/

    PS.: Also try netKar Pro, it's great for hotlapping!
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  8. spot on, the Z4 at Gamescon was awesome already (in my opinion)... you could throw that car over the chicanes in Monza like you would expect and you can see every weekend when you watch these cars in real life... It was tremendous fun without having ever driven it before you could control that car and try to find the limit without any strange stuff happening... You knew when you were in trouble entering Lesmo 1 and naturally correcting that just put a smile on your face...:cool:
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  9. A long wait but will be worth it:):):):):)
  10. For me THE thing is the game shows how far from perfection we are if you don't want to crash every single corner. For all these years people got used to think they are great drivers and this game is big step forward in terms of complexity of the process of driving a fast car. I struggle to set the Ferrari into some corners and this is great. Games like this should be difficult.
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  11. The fact is, it's not difficult until you try really hard to go fast :)
    Incredible, I'm loving every single bit of it :inlove:
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  12. Exactly. Every lap is different, unique, like in real life.