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Tracks Abu Dhabi GP Track Update 2.0

Full HD Sponsor,Tarmac and Run Off area Update!!!

  1. chargingcar submitted a new resource:

    Track Update Series - Yas Marina , Abu Dhabi GP - Full Sponsor,Tarmac and Run Off area Update!!!

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  2. You're simply the best !
  3. Cheers M8 :)
  4. OMG!!! thank u!
  5. These are some of the changes to Abu Dhabi. Download the file to have a good look around..............

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  6. why do i get corrupt file?
  7. Awesome !!!!
  8. It may be caused by another mod. This series of track-updates mods involve only already existing files and may include a few graphics add-ons from 2012. No modifications to any system or database files is involved in these mods. If you don't have a corrupt file from b4 you installed that mod, you should not have one after installing it. Dunno about online racing, but you shouldn't have any problems either since it only affects graphical content.
  9. Wait, they didn't put the Ferrari Logo on Ferrari world? Well that's an odd one.... :O_o:

    Thanks again! :thumbsup:
  10. Sorry I probably didnt explain well enough. I have a file corruption message when opening the file in winrar so cant install the mod.
  11. Download again
  12. muy bueno gracias
  13. You are a talented individual, thankyou for making the experience all the more richer!
  14. For this update, I had a choice to make which was whether Pirelli or UBS should be the 2nd main sponsor after Etihad. I do not know how to move adverts around and so chose Pirelli. Therefore, once again I say "not 100% accurate". Hope you like the other changes.

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