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Misc Abu Dhabi Full Night Mod 1.0

Abu Dhabi Full Night Mod

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  1. Nice. Can you make an update with an accelerated day to night transition?
    Because with the default files the dark comes way to late in a full race. In real it'll be around the half distance when the night starts.
    Would be really nice. :)
  2. Doesnt work i think :/
  3. Can you make a day to night transition for bahrain
  4. Yes i could do this but i wont drive a 100% Race only to make pictures
    If you could do that, would be nice! :)
  5. Joel


    Is there still a day to night transition for this mod? Or does it just start with night? And if you want to make day to night transitions for other tracks, I'd be happy to do some 100% races.
  6. You start at night. Yeah would be nice! :)
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  7. Joel


    Cheers. Just PM me if you need any videos or pictures :)