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Abu Dhabi full night, 20 race in GP and Career

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by writta, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. [​IMG][​IMG]20 races in GP
    Bahrain it exists in menu game
    change database/track_model/
    select bahrain:
    Create F1 2011/tracks/circuits/create directory bahrain
    You have 20 races in GP and career
    I have abudhabi night in directory bahrain
    1. Copy F1 2011/tracks/circuits/Abu_Dhabi (copy directory) and paste in directory bahrain
    2. Copy this file F1 2011/tracks/circuits/singapore
    3. Paste F1 2011/tracks/circuits/bahrain (AbuDhabi)

    Night mod working in all track!
    If you want moon in menu (foto) change:
    database/track_model/is_night_race - select

    Have fun!
  2. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    Errrrrr..... what?
  3. Some more details?
  4. Eh, then you have a Bahrain GP which looks like Singapore GP?
  5. download link??:redface:
  6. It may exist in the menus and so on. But it doesnt really exist ingame. Cause Codemasters didnt include the files for Bahrain in the 'track' folder'. Sadly :(
  7. Yes i now, but this is mod abu dhabi night or another night race. If you want rename bahrain to abu dhabi night or monaco night.
  8. Has anyone tried to get Bahrain to work?
  9. it works,thx
  10. Found this on youtube :confused:

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  11. So it can be done? I guess Hockenheim can also be added?
  12. It's Codmasters F1 2010!
  13. it's 2011, you can see him messing with KERS, DRS & the wheel is the Red Bull wheel not that generic one they had on 2010
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  14. May be, somehow this track is taken from 2010 and modded and apply to 2011 game, good.
  15. I was thinkin the same first that its 2010 but the car and everything is 2011 so it is 2011 - I'm really confused that this kind of stuff is discoverd now.
  16. Oh nonono, you misunderstood. Only the track ( not 2010 cars) is taken from 2010, some refresh and upply INTO the 2011 game...
  17. How do you race on the bahrain track cause I did what it said but it just crashes
  18. we can race on bahrain track just doing this ????
  19. you put abu dhabi track as a new gp and you make it night, so you will have 2 abu dhabi GP-s