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Abu Dhabi - Division 2 Post Race

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Werner Van Aswegen, Mar 3, 2010.

  1. A bit dissapointed to crash out just as I was starting to find a rythem.

    I decided on a 3 stopper which I knew wouldn't be winnig strategy, but I was only hoping for a top 10.

    I lost some positions at the start going into T1 which I made back in T5 when there was a bit of a pileup. Was sitting in 11th behind Kurt I think. I was keeping close to his rear waiting for him to make a mistake and in the second last corner he almost did and I definately did when I lighty nudged him as he scubbed off speed after getting into the corner too fast. I was too close. The result was me spinning off, loosing my front wing and having to let the whole field pass before I could get to the pits.

    Then for a long time I was alone in 15th I think until I caught up with P7 an P8 (Kurt and Philipp) who I had a nice battle with even though it was only to unlap myself. I was a bit lighter I think but the passes were great. I think they may have helped me out a bit though.

    This was all undone when I spun in the last corner and ahd to do it all over again which was just as much fun as before :biggrin:

    Then on lap 20 I went ever so slightly coming out of T2 which sent me shooting off to the left and into the wall :frown: Race over. I seriously need to get new mechanics who can replace missing wheels...

    Thanks to everyone for a fun night. Maybe next race I can actully finish.
  2. nice race......i try a conservative first stint and a more agressive 2nd, but maybe i was too much tired tonight or so, and i ****ed all.......i spun 5 times i think and went wide 5-6 times.....loosing a lot of time.....i finish 5th, but maybe i will be 4th coz i was tapped in lap 37 and he didn't wait me......i'm more sry for him than for me.....for me is a no problem, this things can happen and he said sry after the race, so for me he is OK, but i don't know what will say the race director about that!!! ;)

    we will see.....i will do am more good report tomorrow byez ;)

    ( i didn't tell who he was only because for me is not a problem what happens.....only the race director will know it) ;)
  3. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    no good nigth for me 1 minute before start lost my connection I phone my provider and him tell me your radio connection is lost :frown: change your frequency,so i connect with cable my PC change my connection change frequency I removed cable put W-iFi and all its ok but the race its lost.Think that the luky not smack me .I do my qualy with 88 Lit of fuel and hard tyres for start from behind prefer so more sure:smile: but this time not serve I dont start ehehehe. in any case congratulations to those who have finished and podium :thumbup:
    next time .
    PS I wonder if one day the luck will go to greet me?
  4. WOW...it was so hot and cool race :) 6th place not bad...no problems at all...thanks again to all guys it was a very nice race tonight.

    See you soon on the track!
  5. Sorry to have lost you Valerio. I asked that we should wait but no-one was willing to. As for your luck. I thought the four leaf clover on top of your helmet would have helped a bit :)
  6. Did you not get the Email Paul ? -No contact with other cars – keep your distance to the car in front and avoid at all cost punting someone else! Or just didn't read it ? Lets make this official, Mr. Race Director please look at contact number 1 (time stamp 757.64) Paul Crawford v myself and his second attempt ,exactly the same place (time stamp 1100.25) were this time he brakes my suspension.......
  7. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    THANKS mate have seen four leaf on my helmet ( it's beautiful ) but nothing is possible against the supplier phone :rolleyes:
    THANKS for( try ) wait me mate .I'm glad your thinking :thumbup:
  8. Grats to Coen :thumbup: Now to me well i had a bad race :thumbdown: goto 10th twice :frown: but could'nt stay there & sorry who ever had contact with me because we were having a good battle, anyway cya's all next race :cool:
  9. For me the qualy was ok, not my best, but good enough for pole! :smile:

    The race started very well, no interverence from crashes or flying objects.

    First stint my tyres were great and cool, but at the end 4 rolling eggs....

    So second stint started with a very close exit from pitlane! Thrilling! :rolleyes:
    Further on i keped sharp for lapping cars, and did my best to bring the baby home! :wink:

    First win! Very happy! :smile:

    Greetz Coen
  10. I was willing to wait !!

    Grats Podium and all finishers!
    Alfonso broke my suspension at L1 and sorry Stuard for standing in your way :-(
    im glad to finish the race ( 9th)
    @ Martin:
    buy a ATI HD 5....... and you are lucky!
  11. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    I've opened a Div 1 thread Per, you could move this and Martins post to there, I cant do it, dont have the authority :(

  12. I'm really sorry Rob, I didn't realise I hit you that hard. I had no damage to my car. I was braking as hard as I could, if I had braked harder I would have locked up and hit you harder. I wasn't expecting for you to brake that early. Obviosuly I know that different people brake to each other, so I'm not going to argue, I can only apologies but I did all I could to avoid it. After all it is a race and the idea is to go faster than people not leave a 1 second gap in front of you incase you hit some one.

    Other than that, it was a great race, had an awesome frist 10 laps or so running with kokken and a few other people. Looking forward to Bahrain where hopefully, I can get some practice in before hand!

    Sorry again.

  13. kurt kjellin & Paul Crawford, , I have been practicing plenty of time on the server to have an enjoyable race with all the friends and today you guys destroyed my whole race and I am not impressed with your action at all.
    I was on p 9 at the start, Paul overtook a car and gained a spot and he was side by side with Kurt racing aggressively each other for a position coming up to the first turn without paying any attention on what was happening on track on that particular turn. I slowed down to avoid that accident in front of me, “ according to the rules” , the accident was on the right hand side of T1, the yellow flag was up, the smoke from the fresh accident still up , but you just ignored all that and kept going flat out punted me from the back, caused me a spin and sent me to join the rest on the gravel, that caused me a damaged suspension , and instead of waiting or something you guys just kept going, like if it was my fault or if nothing had happened.
    The rules are very clear for anyone who cares about them; anyhow a report will be sent to the race director from my side and he will assess the incident.
  14. I note it dosn't enter your mind to brake a bit earlier Paul , what ever is happening in front of you, and I realise that when you hit me the first time you were unable to learn anything to stop you doing it again in exactly the same place......its this mentality that has decided me to withdraw from the league.
  15. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    FRIEND FRIEND I can not believe you make this decision, I am very afraid .I can understand your decision:frown: and that is why I prefer to start from the back,also because I'm not fast :smile: but want to run and have fun.I'll wait on track :thumbup:

  16. qualy:
    2nd was a not bad qualy......btw i was far from my best on the hot server that was an 1.37.9xx.....but in every case it wasn't enough for beat Coen because he was really fast and consistent yesterday!!! ;)

    i don't know if was because i was tired or what, but i did a lot of errors, 4 spun, 4 bad wides, an accident with spun etc etc, so i lost a lot of time.......the day before i did like 25 laps with hard tyres without errors.....yesterday was all bad....eheheh i didn't count that real life factor can compromise my concentration and that was the result.....:D

    in every case i chose for the race a first conservative stint for try to erase the gap with Coen during the pitstop, and so for the 2nd stint i chose for a more agressive one, but i didn't count that, for working that tattics, i needed a perfect race, and yesterday it wasn't....at the start Maxim, that was third, pass me with a nice start so i kept the 3rd spot for all the race....but, due many errors in lap, 37 i was bumped from behind and so i finish 5th.....
    in my opinion the accident was only a race accident because we were both tired and in the last laps one try every thing that he can for gain a spot.....so the accident for me wasn't a problem.....the only thing that made me feel bad, was that he knows that he put me out and he didn't wait me....that wasn't much fair i think.....but he said sry to me at the end of the race, so for me this is just enough for closing the issue....
    in every case the Race Director will decide about that.....i'm for a no penalty, because during race this things can happens and for me doesn't change anything finish 3rd or 5th, the only things that count for me is the fun, but i know also that the Race Director must be coherent with the decision that he takes in the past......so we will see....
    (i will send an e-mail soon to the RD with all the details) ;)

    in every case thank you all for the nights, congrats to coen, that was really consistent and fast, he was out of my range, and only with a perfect race maybe i would be fighting for the win, but yesterday was anything than a perfect race!!! :D congrats also Maxim for the nice start and pace, and cograts also to all the finisher.....

    thank Race Department, Presto GP and MAK Corp

    cu at the next track...

    P.S.: one of the exciting moments of my race:





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  17. Tom Watts

    Tom Watts

    Not good quali good race hwoever i think it was 10 th in the end but near the begging about lap 5 (i will check) i hit someone not sure who. i gave enough room the fact he was lagging on my screen and to me it looked it lagged back into me so im sorry to who ever that was. Well to warm for me in quali could not get the car to not spin the rear tires but oh well
  18. its this mentality that has decided me to withdraw from the league.[

    Rob, pls dont retire, dont let bad behavoir get u. U are to precious for the league to quit..
    Contact Race Director with ur issue and let him discide. Dont let me down m8!

    We have a to big off history to let me down now..

    Sorry for bad englisch.. Tyred...

    Greetz Coen
  19. Hi all!
    On trainings went stably 1.37.xx, but yesterday and could not pass well.
    Start Race>
    Start has made very well and could take the 2 place.
    Race was boring, Coen left from me, and I left from Mattia.Fight was not. I tried to go stably, and at me all has turned out.
    Tyres has put medium + 78L, and on pit stop has made as.
    Coen sorry for incident after our departure with pit stop.
    Many thanks RD for the race organisation!
    Many thanks PrestoGP!
    Many thanks Mak-copr for this magnificent fashions! This best that is!!!
    Let's meet and Bahrain!
  20. like other people just said......

    rob pls stay here, just sleep a bit and tomorrow you will feel better!!!! bad things can happen but you are a good driver so it will be sad loosing you....was always nice fighting with you on the server!!!! ;)