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Absent physics file?

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Johan Sälgström, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. Last night when running the RD event I got an "absent physics file" error from RSRBR when trying to start the first of the stages that used the "bad night" mode. After closing and reopening RSRBR I managed to get to that stage again, and got the exact same error the second time when trying to run the same stage (I think it was Mineshaft II. SS7 I believe?).

    Before that it ran fine, and I also ran some stages solo earlier that day with night mode enabled and bad conditions, without problems. So, do you know what the cause may be? I guess I ought to reinstall the damn thing but it takes forever and I thought I'd ask in case there was another solution before doing so.

    The worst part is that if it only happens online and in certain stages/modes, as it appears is the case, it will be a b**** trying to recreate the problem to be sure that it's gone...

    Anyway, any inputs are welcome.
  2. not heard anyone talk about this kinda problem so far.... definitely sounds like a mis-installed update or something... i think yer best option is to go for a reinstall... :( then use the rallyesim site to setup a test session the same as ss7 from last night and hopefully it's gone away....
  3. I got the same error just a few minutes ago when trying to use the "damp" condition (playing solo). So yeah, redownload and reinstall seems the way to go. :)

    edit: The reinstall seem to have fixed the problem. Thanks for the help.