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Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Stefan Davies, Apr 9, 2011.

  1. ok I bought the game on release & have gradually increased my pace over time, working my way to turning tc off , im still a bit stuttery on it but not too bad, im just wondering if the next step that will actually increase my pace is to turn ABS off?

    if I use the same approach to braking as I do with the throttle, gradual increase of pressure , will it help improve my laps times or is it just plain quicker to have ABS on?
  2. first off I'd say yes, get all aids off asap. It'll be tough to start with, but you don't want to have to shake off bad habits and rework your driving style.

    as for braking techniques, you can check a vid i did on silverstone focusing on pedal action here. I usualy stamp full on at first, then modulating the pedal a bit, but it depends on your driving style ofc
  3. Get all aids off, i played with TC and auto gears on and pit assists on, i then removed traction control and worked with that for 4 days, practicing, once i learnt how to control the car without spinning my next step was the gears, now gears are a very big step.... it may take a while to get use to them.

    ABS slow you down quite abit, if you have a week spare spend that time practicing with all aids of, remember be gentle on the throttle when accelerating away, only put your throttle down alot when your going straight, pushing it to hard while goign around corner's will definatly make it spin.
  4. ABS is an easy one to get get used to it switched off. TC and auto gears is the tough one. I am now using TC on medium and after about a week or two of hard grind, i'm now doing about 2s per lap quicker.

    To be honest, I really don't know what ABS does, as I started playing F1 with Braking and ABS assist on and switched it off after my 2nd race as I seem to remember just crawling around the tracks at a snails pace.

    I have tried TC off and I just spin wheels accelerating all the time, it doesn't happen so much in the higher gears, however changing from 1st to 2nd and 3rd, I get quite a lot of wheel spin while accelerating. I haven't worked out how to avoid this yet. Do I need to feather the accelerator as soon as I start on the new gear? ie, soon as I hit 2nd, let off the accelerator and feather it up to full.

    As for pit control, I mapped the 6 buttons on my wheel as pit request, car status and the 4 quick menu commands, so don't have any left for the pit limiter. I don't really want to put my quick menu commands elsewhere, as I really don't have time to move my hand off the wheel in amongst changing gears.
  5. Interesting. Most of the time I tend to brake gently then press harder on the brake pedal as I get to my last downshift. Example, kuala lumpur turn 1, I shift down from 7th to 2nd but apply more pressure as I reach 3rd/2nd gear.
  6. Your acceleration should be constant / increasing as you go up through the gears - the trouble is that you will find it tough to have the accelerator down fully in low gears due to the wheelspin. Either don't get on the power fully right away, or upshift earlier. The technique I prefer depends upon where it is, on a straight I'll try and hit full power asap and control revs through early upshifts, if on a corner or even a slight bend I'll tend to not be on 100% power.

    Of course this is just my style, would be worth better drivers giving you their opinions as well as you might find it more suitable for you.

    I've got:

    Pit Limiter -- Radio*
    Down --------- Up
    Left -------- Right

    I tend not to use pit request ever as they adapt pretty well if you just enter the pits, but then I tend to do more online than offline racing so I don't have to worry about team-mate stacking.

    *Press to talk for TS3/Vent
  7. I tend to do the same as Steve, so the opposite as you. I'll stamp on fully hard to start and then ease up just before turn in as I go from 3rd to the corner gear. Although I'm starting to pick up a bad habit of not braking hard enough to start with and then overshooting the corner! :(
  8. some great tips there fellas cheers.

    i've got gears & tc off down...ish, still struggle a bit on street tracks, valencia & canada mainly, i just wasn't sure if having abs off gave you the same kind of advantage having tc off gives you for example in terms of lap time.
  9. Yeah, since I got my DFGT I have started to use manual gears, really want to drive with TC off, so was practicing yesterday with all aids off in TT mode.

    Managed to pull this off on Hockenheim, Not the quickest out there but a major step forward for me.

    I have now started practicing most tracks with all aids off, also I used the higher cockpit view and switched to the lower one, find I can hit the apex a lot better and sort of brake later if that makes sense.

    As for ABS, you kinda get used to after a few laps, just try not pressing to hard for to long or you will lock up.
  10. I got lucky with TC off, I went to turn it off & it already was off!!! But I'm strugggling with ABS, I cant brake any good & havent found a happy medium. With abs on I can just stamp on the brake 7 not woory abiut it... so lots more practise :)
  11. i did a couple of races with TC and ABS on, with manual gears, then went to time trial turned all the assists off, its not hard if you're gentle with the throttle when accelerating out of a curve, when i felt the car try to spin out i would just shift up and lay off the throttle a little bit, with the ABS its different because the wheels lock up and the car just slides, but the way i got it working for me was not to shift down too quickly, but instead do it at a steady pace, so far i haven't had any lockups (that's of i'm paying attention)
  12. I only have TC on medium with manual gears. I recently tried putting ABS on and I can brake a little later, however, without ABS, I'm tending to slam on the brakes, then release them slowly. I think think the correct approach would be to brake gently and apply more pressure as I slow as slamming the brakes on at full speed, i'm sure is locking the wheels up without ABS on.

    I think CM have made the assists too effective, they should have given more penalty for using them. Online, I'm doing some reasonably fast laps and still I get beaten by people using assists.

    Manual gears is better for spin offs, just tap the brakes and steer in the general direction towards straight and it brings you back again. I have not tried shifting up and laying of the accelerator to pull out of a spin, I will try this.
  13. the shifting up and laying off the accelerator works if i feel the car about to spin out, if i do then i do the same as you where tapping the brakes and steering in the direction you want to go, to regain control
  14. From my experience the game is very lenient with heavy braking at high speeds, and very punishing at low speeds, worn tyres and in the wet. My preferred method has therefore been to brake very hard right at the beginning and then lift off the brakes as I decelerate. This for me results in 3 phases of cornering:

    Phase 1 - Full brakes and quick downshift from 7th to 3rd.
    Phase 2 - Easing off the brakes, pause for a half second before downshifting to the gear for the corner
    Phase 3 - Off the brakes & turn in

    Watch some of the GP vids the guys here have made. Morgan's link just above has a good example of how to brake with the gears (listen to the revs), although Morgan I think you are going in a little deep, and so missing the apex slightly and reducing your exit speed.