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ABS is not off?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by William Moody, Dec 27, 2013.

  1. Hi just got this game i drive with no driver aids and have just installed this live timing app, and i see that others with same car and track and have all driver aids off for them, it shows abs 0% but for me it shows 35% even though i have all turned off?
    Is there anything am missing?
  2. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Have you pressed ctrl+A while on track? Same for ctrl+T to enable/disable traction control
  3. No i have all turned off in the options infact its on pro.
  4. Did you read Bram's post?

    Even on pro, ABS will be on for those cars that use ABS in real life too. You need to manually disable ABS in these cars by pressing CTRL+A while in the car.
  5. Ye i did mate i have just tried it in game thanks.
  6. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    how much time do you think this loses? or does it?
  7. Depending on the car, quite a bit.

    Some streetcars are horrible with ABS off. MP4 is a disaster without it. I'd reckon I'd lose about 0,5-1 second without abs in the mp4 on some tracks. Impact is even bigger on consisntency.

    Race ABS like the Z4 GT3 has, has less impact. Problaby due to the downforce.
  8. On pro setting if real car has abs then it will not show on the leaderboard that you are using it...S3 458 has ABS on even in pro setting and will not show that you are using it on leaderboard...If you use Ctrl T and turn on any level of TCS it will show on the leaderboard. (I know this because I have a mark of shame using that car at Imola and with TCS off I am a second a lap slower) and has me debating with myself whether I should continue to be old school (all aids off no matter what the real car uses) or take my mark of shame and use the aids that the real car uses and be fast using them.

    I need to look into the Ferrari Challenge Series that the step 3 car is simulating and see what the rules are there concerning ABS and TCS.
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  9. With respect to the 458 Italia, the 458 Challenge’s 4,400 cc GDI V8, which punches out 570 CV at 9,000 rpm, remains strictly in production tune. However, modifications have been made to the gear ratios and calibration of the F1 dual clutch gearbox to guarantee better torque delivery at lower revs. This is also the first time that the E-Diff, used aboard the road-going car, has been employed on a track-dedicated model.

    Significant progress was also made with regard to weight reduction, both inside and out: the Prancing Horse technicians lavished particular attention on the thickness of the body panels and high tech materials, making widespread use of both lightweight carbon-fibre and Lexan. The tuning work also saw the 458 Challenge get a specific suspension set-up with steel uniball joints, single-rate alloy dampers and 19” centre-nut forged rims. It also sports larger dimension Pirelli slicks and has a 50 mm lower ride height.

    The new generation CCM2 brakes are supplied by Brembo and integrated with the evolved ABS system which debuted on the 599XX laboratory car. Another premiere on a Ferrari track-only car is the F1-Trac, the world’s most sophisticated traction control system. Developed in-house by the Prancing Horse, it continually monitors grip levels for maximum high-performance road-holding. Two specific track-biased calibrations have been developed with control strategies and logics derived from Ferrari’s extensive F1 and GT racing experience. Both are fully integrated with the E-Diff to boost performance to the maximum both into and out of corners.

    The ABS/EBD, E-Diff and F1-Trac settings are all now controlled from the steering wheel-mounted manettino, the first time this solution has been used on a Ferrari Challenge model. The driver has a choice of three configurations: OFF position (traction control deactivated) or Position 1 and Position 2 which offer progressively greater levels of intervention and can be selected to suit track grip conditions. The 458 Challenge also generates an extraordinary 1.6 G of lateral grip, a fundamental factor in high performance driving.
  10. So TCS is not only allowed, but major time and $$ have gone into making it work better than ever....Seems that using it on our car should be fine but for an old school sim-racer like me having it show on the leaderboard that I'm using traction control is a major mark of shame. I know people aren't looking at my time (it's too far away from the leaders lol) and saying newb, but I feel like they could be. (this has got to be the mother of all first world problems)

    Not using TCS at Imola I can't come withing a second and a half of my best lap using it. Pretty amazing that Aris did such a good job simulating it.

    So do I turn it on and possibly blow away all my old times and not care or do I stick to my old fashioned values and delete the time I set using it and never touch it again? Maybe I should make a poll...lol

    Thank you for the info, pretty cool that the more I learn about the cars we have the more respect I have for Aris and the team for the job they have done simulating them.
  11. Pete Bone

    Pete Bone

    If your using AC as a sim, use whatever aids the real life cars use, its not cheating, its motorsport.:thumbsup:
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  12. As in every simulator, not using the driving aids (maybe except for ABS) is a fuss but rewarding. You will never be able to get the times with TC, that is possible without it.
  13. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Can't wait for some multiplayer as now AC is really becoming some hotlap simulator where its all about laptimes.

    Racing is so much more than just doing a magical lap (after 200000 attempts): overtaking, outbraking, strategy, having a great realistic motorsport experience gives me more joy than "showing off" on a leaderboard where realistic driving aids (that real life motorsport uses) aren't allowed.

    Simracers are the first to shout arcade, but its very arcade to disregard ABS/TC on some GT cars as they are used in almost every real life series now.

    Go pro and switch them ON :)
  14. In every other sim or game up until now I would agree with you Kristof.....At Imola I set my fast time using TCS in position 1.....With TCS off I can't come within a second and a half of my fast lap....I turn TCS back on and I am within a couple tenths of my best lap and ahead of it in a couple places.

    Imola is the only place I have experimented with....all my times everywhere else are with TCS off and I am actually afraid to go to say, Silverstone, and see what will happen if I turn it on. It just might put me in a moral situation I don't want to be in.
  15. @Bram Hengeveld I know you are sick of hotlapping and I am pretty sure that every sim-racer agrees with you about racing being so much more than a good lap but if you enjoy AC enough you don't want to play anything else than hotlapping is the order of the day right now.

    This debate about assists might just be poll worthy.

    If this sim is actually like real life in that the vast majority of drivers in a modern supercar would be faster with aids turned on it will make for some interesting debates and choices when setting up online servers. The days of "no assists allowed" may be behind us....unless you are running older cars of coarse.
  16. I'm just not using them for the sake of them not being available in Live for Speed, hence I'm getting used to going without them. I can use throttle control to make my car go on the limit in each turn without loosing time on the drift, or the TC lifting up on throttle, when I know there is still more potential in the car. Being backed off by some driving aids which are meant to help me get around the track is one of the most disappointing feeling ever. Also, I'm mostly used to 6 to 24 hour races from LFS, which I can presume that isn't as much as showing off a magical lap after a billion attempts.
  17. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Is it? How come nobody is setting up a good discussion how to improve their driving skills for example? Sharing setups to improve the handling of a car or a detailed post for newcomers what all those countless settings mean?

    For me personally thats the part I hate most about sim racing: that big secrecy about settings and helping eachother out to become a better driver in our sport.

    Imagine yourself being a dedicated FIFA 2014 player that sees a bargain on Steam and decides to buy Assetto Corsa, purchasing his / her first ever simracing game. These people have no clue about sim racing and after reading forums and blogs they aren't getting any wiser either :)

    There are tons and tons of people in this and other communities that have a huge bag of experience, how come that isn't shared (anymore)? Is it that they are afraid that one day somebody else will be on the top of the xbox'ish leaderboard and they can't upload an adsense heavy youtube video with their "world record" lap?

    I am exaggerating of course, but sim racing is already such a self-centered sport and a tiny tiny niche compared to other gaming genres.

    The time we still have while the game is under development would be the ultimate time to practise and improve as many (potential) sim racers. Focusing on a leaderboard only isn't helping anybody, only turning them away from a sport that has so much more to offer like the mentioned 6 - 12 hours races :))) where laptimes aren't relevant at all but tons of other factors are.
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  18. There are countless notes on how to set the car up in simracing games all saying the same with small difference in details. I don't see a need to write another one for Assetto Corsa. Anything can be found on the internet already. Now... for my surprise the default setups are pretty drivable, without any modifications. It's all up to the driving style if you need to correct something (for example the default toe settings are always so wrong for me), so there isn't much need for the setup sharing, just yet, for hotlapping.
  19. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    You would be surprised how little knowledge the average racer has, despite all the information that there is already on the web.

    You mention "toe settings". Go ask an average Joe what that is and you will be shocked what kind of answers you get back :)

    Of course new comers themselves should be the persons that need to ask such questions but simracing in general is becoming a less friendly place to ask such questions. There seems to be quite a barrier to do so and we need to try to lower that barrier.
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  20. The simracing community is still above every other gaming communities, hence the fact that it's a tight group of people who all agreed to put time and effort into becoming decent in the same thing. Go and play League of Legends for a few months. You will apperciate the "not-helping" community that you find over here a lot more. I would go about and release a Drift Tutorial and Racing tutorial for Assetto Corsa too, but I doubt it's worth the effort, because humanity in general forgets to say thank you nowadays not to mention, being a Hungarian, there would be more comments about my accent and English, than actually constructive criticism.