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About to purchase F1 2011!!! :)

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Ferrari248F1, Oct 15, 2011.

  1. Hello all, I been away from the forums for quite some time and I have now decided I want to buy F1 2011. But first I want to ask those of you who have it already a few things. Is it better than last years game? If so how? Any major bugs or messed up A.I.? and lastly graphics wise is better or worse I've heard mixed reviews so i dunno.. well thats all guys n thanks. :)
  2. go buy 2011 it's way more improved in every way mostly at the AI departmenet they are more agressive and consistent :D
  3. ^ The A.I. really is better and smarter. Since I still didn't bought my wheel I'm of course playing on my controller but I gotta say I was surprised on how agressive they are. I try to squeeze them out but they don't take that from me, they find space to defend that place. I haven't played F1 2010. so maybe my opinion isn't something but anyway. The game is good. I haven't noticed any bugs yet. Maybe through the course of time I will.
  4. Depends what platform you are buying it on. This video on YouTube compares graphics between each platform, the PS3 looks by far the worst (I have PS3 and PC and the PS3 is miles behind graphically).

    Overall it's a very good fun game, especially online with mates you trust not to use the setup bug. I like the fact your XP goes down as well as up online.

    The AI is mixed IMO. SP it can be really good fun, but MP it's poor. Co-op the AI switches off after the first race so you go about 5-10 seconds quicker a lap dependant on the track and your speed, and in a standard online race with AI they drive into you like they can't see you....I ended up on Sutil's head going around turn 1 & 2 in Brazil until my car slid off due to this strange AI behaviour.

    Despite these issues, I love the game. DRS and KERS make it very fun, and the tyre deg also makes long races more interesting.
  5. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Having moved from 2010 to 2011 and had a few weeks now to get into it my view is that the new game is far better.
    Physics: Feels much more like a car is under you. Setup changes can really be felt in the cars movements rather than just lap time. Braking zones are down , more inline with the real cars and lap times are down too.
    Graphics: Much better (I play Xbox). Cockpit view is excellent vs unplayable in the 2010 game.
    Sound; Twice as good, each engine different. With my PC speakers and sub woofer under my chair its superb.
    Tyres/ Deg: Really tricky to manage on some tracks. 2 or three stops! vs 1 stop on old game. Tyre behaviour cold primes on outlap-nasty-challenging.
    KERs/DRS: Much higher workload. Glad no front wing adjustment! Fun. Also fuel map needs to be managed.
    Other: Spectate mode. watched a 14 car online 50% at Silverstone this week. 3 different tyre strategies, 3 different leaders and me on board with all of them for all the battles.We will do a full video on board production of a race one day.
    AI: generally much more believable to race with but can to very silly things like cruise through Copse at 80kph when you are doing 270kph in a quali lap. Or run into tyhe back of you in a braking zoone and you get the drive through.
    Summary: In my view it is on a different level to 2010. Loving it.
  6. Ok guys thanks for the help looks like Im in :)
  7. Bug wise. Its far more glitchy than last years game. but they're SEEMINGLY concentrating on fixing them more than they did last year, but only one patch so far that didn't seem to be that big. Overall, excluding bugs, this game is superior as it should be and imo, more enjoyable. All I can say is, if you enjoyed '10 then there is no reason for you not to enjoy '11