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About the Pricing, Once and for all!!!

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Heppsan, Nov 21, 2014.

  1. I'm getting really tired of all the whining about the pricing in this game!! :mad:
    So I made a bit of counting.:)

    If you would buy European Track Pack along with the following cars:

    BMW M3 GT2
    CAMARO GT3 + an extra livery for the ADAC
    AUDI 90 GTO
    BMW 320T
    BMW M3 DTM
    BMW M1
    BMW 635 CSI
    BMW E90 320TC

    You would get the ones above + the free:

    BMW 134 Judd
    Aquila CR1
    Canhard R52
    DMD P20
    Saleen S7R

    Which gives you access to race in all the current classes.
    And on these tracks:

    RaceRoom Raceway
    Lakeview Hillclimb
    Brands Hatch
    Red Bull Ring

    A total of 18 cars and 14 tracks + layouts for about: 5800 vrp
    And if you don't use any bundle bonus vrp purchase this is about 58€
    If you would use the bundle vrp purchase, you would get this down to 50€!! (and still have 300 vrp's left)

    Can you honestly say that this is too expensive if you think of what you get, and compare that to other titles!??.. . :O_o:
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  3. I spent well over 100 euros and I still dont have all the cars (12 ou 13 missing)
    I do have all the tracks and packs (DTM2013, DTM 2014, ADAC, WTCC, etc)
    And I still cant do custom championships...
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  4. I've spent $125 for Elite Dangerous and at the beginning we didn't have anything else but a single spaceship flying around in the dark empty space... with time, and with announced updates, something changed: new spaceships appeared, orbital spaceports, asteroids, trading between systems, mining, hunting for pirates and such... wait... what's the word? mmmmh... oh yes!
    Noone forced to pay for the things you purchased. It's YOUR final decision if you want to buy something that is not ready.
    To me these are well spent as we're directly helping S3S to deliver what will most likely be a very good/solid product.
    I can understand if you regret having spent them all at once and still you haven't seen what you were hoping for, but again, this was and is a WIP game: things will be added, improved & fine-tuned.
    We need to take deep breaths and live with it.
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  5. My example didn't say you'll get all the cars.. .
    But you would get a lot, and with one car in all the classes for multiplayer!

    Just one example of what you could get for the price of similar racing games.
    I have all the content, and I think that is worth it too.
  6. Im well aware nobody forced me to pay for anything... the price of the cars and tracks inst even whats making the game expensive for me... but the fact that I live and work in Angola - Africa and pay 10 USD for 1GB download - now you can do the maths.

    But Im not even complaining about that... what I trying to say is that the price isnt worth bragging about either.... you are tired of all the whining about the pricing in this game and you are entitled to it but Im also tired about the opposite when the price isnt fair also... just compare to GSCE for example...

    I can pay the price so I pay and I have no regrets but dont tell me what a great deal Im making because it isnt true... I just chose to help a small team develop a potencially great game... the type that happens to be my main hobby (only hooby since I hardly have time to do anything else but work these days)

    And I cant even play online - multiplayer because besides my internet being extremly expensive it is painfully slow.

    One thing I can tell you GSCE IS A GREAT DEAL and for a very small fraction of the price (either in downloads or the game itself) I get allot more and spend allot more time playing that one (about 80%-20%)

    You have a right to voice your opinion but I also have the right to voice mine.
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2014
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  7. GSCE is a great deal but this reflects the use of the gnotor2 engine. Other gnotor2 titles like GTL, GTR2 and RACE 07 offer even better value for money in terms of cars and tracks for the money.
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  8. Spent 120$ Cdn so far I still have about 2300 vrp left and i don't see myself stopping now. The game delivers all i want and more, Well worth it.
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  9. I'm really happy with the game and the amount i've spent and for now, this game has no rival when it comes to official content.

    But, for now...

    Until,... http://store.steampowered.com/app/234630/

    Sorry guys but this is the sad truth. But even then, project cars is r3e's only rival(content-wise).I don't think assetto corsa or iracing will ever reach the amount of content r3e has.
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  10. its the price for virtual racing life :roflmao: but its too expensive IMO
  11. iv only spent $30 nzd. so far (I'm being patient) and Im more than happy with the experiance. so, in terms of cars I have I have the gt2 ruf, bmw m30 gra and the Gtrx ruf, which is a pretty all round collection with the free stuff as well. and in terms of tracks i have bathurst, zandvort and laguna seca (my favorites).
  12. ADAC masters pack $21
    Wtcc pack $12
    DTM 2014 $19
    Euro track pack $3.5

    Total:$55 USD roughly

    Not bad, not amazing. I have a lot of content though. I like the savings as new packs come out. So if ,2014 ADAC is well discounted BC I own 2013, I will have no problem updating, if not I could see it being a small money pit.

    Modular though so only buy what you want.
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  13. Yes you are.
    I have GSC as well, but it never caught me though..
    And I don't feel it matches up to R3E's level, sorry.

    And I'm with David on this one, other gmotor2 titles like GTL, GTR2 and RACE 07 offer a better value for the money.
  14. Connor Caple

    Connor Caple
    Slowest Racer in Town...

    I spent €40 for 5000vRP.

    I bought the WTCC pack, the ADAC GT Pack, the Downhill Pack and the EU Track Pack.

    I still have around 1200vRP left. I feel I got value for my money.
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  15. Shannon Flynn

    Shannon Flynn
    VirtualHillClimb.com Premium

    Since R3E first launched, S3 has taken our collective incessant whining into account and addressed almost everything we've found....unpalatable.

    Cars and tracks were ridiculously expensive when the game first launched. We wanted "Packs", they delivered.

    VRP didn't sit to well with anyone. Now we can buy exactly the VRP we need to purchase the content we want without having a VRP "balance" after the transfer.

    We wanted better physics, better optimization, better ffb, better interface, online racing, car damage, cross-compatible "Experience" content, offline racing and pit stops. S3 have or are in the process of delivering all of those features, and more.

    I've spent roughly the same amount as I spent for a lifetime RF2 license, and I think that R3E is a better value at this point.

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