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About the Female Agent

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by SA_PKJJ, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. May I can change the more beautiful one ??? :redface:

    Default one is not so beautiful .................. :pray:
  2. lol i hear ya don't know if u can maybe a sexier accent too lol
  3. I would ^^
  4. Not so beautiful? She looks like a frakkin Cylon! Scares me every time.
  5. i just don't care, i'd bang her anyway =\
  6. Every hole a goal up in here...
  7. lol at this thread :tongue:

    Everyone knows women who have to work are ugly. What did you just say?!
  8. Let's hope they fix your agent in the upcoming patch, the model in the current version is horrendous. If I were working at Codemasters I would be very embarrased.
    I'd bang her for season tickets, nothing less. :tongue:
  9. ^^To me she is Spock with long hair, live long and prosper

  10. what the hell are those graphics from? any bit of wonder you thought she was horrible try playing it on xbox 36o in high def, damn that looks like psone
  11. I would have no problem if they take Sebastian Vettel's PR Manager for F1 2011. :) She is nice.
  12. Don't just sit there staring at me.....go get some beer for the refrigerator (just can't find good help theses days)

  13. i dont think much of her see is a virtual women after all but if she were real she would a dog ruff ruff lol
  14. even at 1920x1200 @ultra she is bloody ugly. Well its supposed to be a simulation right? Not every girl is hot! Make up your mind will ya, 100% realism or a good looking game? :D
  15. Lets hope she is not modeled on someone from CM, they would feel a bit hurt if they read this.......just saying:wink:
  16. Exactly what I thought too mate... I would not be surprised if it is - any hole IS indeed a goal. But would still want to take the season tickets. Enough Mumm Champagne and I'm sure I'd go there.. admit it, you all would!
  17. Doesn't matter how high you put yout graphics, she'll always be soo ugly lol.

    They could have inspired on those... I mean, on her.

  18. Uhhhh, what an ugly girl on the left side. Oh my god. ;)
  19. Hummm, shes an agent, not a model.....I would change the nerdy looking enginers way before her....
  20. i would tear that blondie thing up..... seriously guys women are some objects to oogle over and drool their people too :)