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About SLI-Pro and encoders pulse length

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by sayonarap, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. Ok, modmate has my wheel right now. We'll go for a SLI-Pro display and looking at modmate's website (Software section) I see you need that rotary encoders configuration tool. I noticed one parameter:
    "Encoders pulse length"
    Is it what I think? A delay to be able to switch (for example) between position 1 to position 3 without actually triggering position 2?
  2. No, rotary encoders are set so that they press one button repeatedly as you turn it one way, change direction and it will repeatedly press another button. This is useful for settings that have a +/- input - I only use it for display brightness myself. The pulse length tells the software how long it should keep the button pressed for for each detent in the encoder. I never had to change the default value.

    Rotary switches on the other hand have fixed positions that are used for the two display windows. You assign them something for each position, like lap time, delta lap time etc.
    You'd think that the 'encoder' is the advanced one of these two - the name kinda suggests it, but for our use it's really the simple one. The rotary 'switch' does the real magic!

    Hope that helped!

  3. That helped, thanks :)
    Yes, the 'rotary switches' is what I actually was looking for. I didn't know until now what 'encoders' really were as English is not my native language (it's PHP) and didn't get the meaning.

    I should ask Kai (aka modmate) if the rotaries he uses are able to serve as rotary encoders and rotary switches (I guess they do, just a matter of software rather than hardware).
    The idea was to apply brake bias and fuel mix shortcuts in the rotary switches. For instance:
    Position 1 = down - down - down (rear brake balance)
    Position 2 = down - down - right (neutral brake balance)
    Position 3 = down - down - up (front brake balance)
    (I play F1 2012 right now)

    My guess is if I'll be able to somehow pass from Position 3 to Position 1 (just an example) without triggering Position 2. It's not the greatest deal (one can pass from Position 3 to 2 and then to 1 quite fast) but anyway it'd be nice.

    Maybe I should stop playing that game (it's not well oriented at all for sim-lovers; if it was, it would have proper key bindings for these purposes) and just stay with Race 07 (I have it) and/or rFactor 2 (I'll be likely trying it).
  4. Encoders and switches are physically different, and can't perform the same functions. The encoder is just two buttons, but they're pressed by rotating the encoder knob - it rotates without end.
    The switch is a big potentiometer and can only rotate just under one revolution end to end. It has distinct detents - 12 - in the case of Leo's, and the resistance for each detent is read by software and defines a position, these positions are then set to display various things on the SLI.
    I see what you're trying to achieve now, but it would take a different software to what Leo or EK sim offer - at least not to my knowledge. In theory it would be able to work as you describe with the right software.

    I saw some thread here a while back that talked about a software that could be programmed to do button sequences successfully. Search around for it :)
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  5. Thats all correct while you can for sure use the encoders for your displays also.
    But i will offer switches also soon, it just take some time to find the best to get.;)
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  6. Maybe Xpadder can do the trick. I've already succesfully used it to bind the original rotaries in the Thrustmaster's F1 wheel addon (I mean those DIF IN and CHRG rotaries)

    I'll look for that other sofware around here.

  7. Cool! Didn't realize that Kai. The encoders are smaller and much eaiser to squeeze in under that circuit board, but I like the feel of the switches so I put some in :)
  8. Do you have any place, or model and serial numbers, of these small ones? I only have limited space :)
  9. I also used the original TM mini encoders too for the thumb wheels - but don't know what functions to assign to them...
  10. ?? With 'bind' I meant 'key binding' the original thumb rotary encoders that are included in the F1 addon.

    In F1 2010-2011-2012 I used as up-left-down-right to change brake bias and mix. A bit tricky, though.
    In Race 07 (and addons) I used the left one for brake balance (you can change it in .5% steps) and left the right one unused (for now)
  11. I would like to know where to purchase those that is all ;)