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About sharing skins

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Barry Mitchell, May 3, 2014.

  1. Hi all. If I use a skin will everyone see it or do they all have to download it?
  2. Dave Begley

    Dave Begley

    they all have to download it atm
  4. will it stay like this or could this feature be added in the future you think?
  5. Well I am sure this could be added in the future but right now it is obviously not high on the list, I would guess...
  6. It is a bit strange why no sims do the online skin system. LFS has had one for something like 10 years already and forza has had one for quite some time as well - on consoles! So it can't be expensive to do. LFS even has a monetizing model on it. You can upload 50 skins for free and then after that if you pay 1£ you can upload 50 more. Also the standard lfs skin resolution is 512x512 and with paying little extra you can get 1024x1024 skins (I think). For 2014 that 512x is definitely way too low but I'd imagine 2k (2048x2048) is enough.

    If the upper limit for one skin is something like 1,5mb per skin then for full grid that is like 30 megs. Obviously that doesn't mean you need to download 30 megs of skins for every race. And it shouldn't download while racing. And even more obviously it is a feature you can turn off if you have slow or datalimited connection.

    Even if ac offered one skin for each car +5 extra it would mean that if average skin is 1,5mb and ac has 20 cars and 15000 people have then ac needs storage of 1,5mb*(20+5)*15000=562Gb. That's absolutely meaningless amount of data. The problem is the bandwidth I'd imagine. But if lfs has been able to do it for 10 years now I can't imagine it being impossible for ac...
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  7. Don't think you will get far with just 1.5MB skin in ac, probably x10 or x15 that in size for most skins (that i have seen anyway.)
  8. As of now there isn't an automatic or even official skin sharing service, and you need to download skins others are using manually to be able to see them.

    There is a nice package manager for Assetto Corsa which can be used to easily share mods but unfortunately I'm the only person to have put a package in it so far (I made the RevHunter app over on the official forums) which is a shame since it works really well. If you want to take a look at it you can find the thread on it here or go to it's website, www.acpm.io.

    I already talked to the author and he said it's fine to use it to distribute things other than mods so send him a message on the AC forums if you want and see if he's ok with adding skins to it. He might add a subsection to the program to separate skins from mods and then maybe divide skins by car or something like that if it starts getting more users.
  9. @Ghoults

  10. Here is a 2k skin for iracing example that is just 730kt:
    A skin is just the exterior or the paint of the car. Where have you seen 15-23mb skins?
  11. My 458 skin is 56mb....my E92 M3 skin is 35mb

    pretty much every skin I have checked so far is over 30mb
  12. Most of the custom skin i have downloaded in AC is, (at least those who is more than simply a different color)
  13. Jempy


    Mostly a skin is not only the exterior body painting.
    Add to it: windows internal and external, rims, wheels, driver, helmet and sometimes even the pitcrew ! ... and more when interior of car may be painted and some other pieces.

    Working with high res graphics ... weights more of course ... and AC deserves it.
  14. Including the pit crews, helmets and driver suits to a skin seems like a very bad decision to me. Not only it makes individual skins huge but it also prevents people from using separate skins for driving suits, helmets and the car exterior.
    Could you link me one of these skins so I can take a look at it? Maybe I'm missing something here :)
  15. Those iRacing skins on trading paints are heavily compressed. Pretty much all of the AC skins that people have been making over at the AC forums are 15-20 mbs.