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About my ClubSports Pedal V3

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by jphil, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. Hi,

    I recently bought the ClubSports Pedal V3 expecting better feeling and better performance. But I'm quite disappointed after playing with it. I've been using CSP V1 for about a year without any issue, and CSP V3 feels worse than CSP V1. I'm not quite sure that is because of the product or because I was expecting too much. So I'm asking for your opinions.

    This is video of CSP V3 function test.

    You see the brake gauge is moving choppy (not always), maybe like step function. It's easier to see it when you set speed slow (0.25) in youtube settings. I was trying to press the brake pedal as smooth as possible. In game, I could not control brake precisely because of this. What's worse is that it is not consistent. Sometimes it works just fine and sometimes it gets worse than what's shown in the video. Once, brake gauge jumped from 30% to 80% even when I was pressing smoothly. The clutch and throtle works just fine. I have no issue with them. Not quite satisfying though considering "12-bit resolution hall sensor".

    I'm not so sure why this happens. I don't think it's because of load cell. It works nice and smooth when I press brake really slow. By best guess is that it comes from mechanica structure. You know that a piston somethise get stuck while moving. And you put lubricant to prevent it. I feel weak but strange force from piston while I press the brake pedal. I guess the force is delivered to the load cell. Just my guess. Not for sure. So I asked for help from the shop I bought it from. The answer from them was "This is normal. All other CSP V3 will be the same." So I'm asking your thoughts on this. Is it just me? or have any of you had the same experience? Do you see this as a problem or not?
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  2. Are you running with the damper? Try without the oil :)
  3. I DO NOT suggest emptying the oil from the Damper.

    have you ensured there is a good amount of lube(vaseline) on the PU foam and shaft ?
  4. I don't have damper yet. I was out of stock.
  5. Yes. I think so. More than enough. It overflowed in some part.
    I'll double check. Thank you.
  7. There is no damage done running without the oil. In fact it can help the precision I believe.
  8. hellow
    i got same problem
    i have the cable of pedals : from pedals to my v2 base
    then you go to the program
    you go to settings and enable cvpv3 manual calbration ( and click on ok also)
    then go again to function test
    you calibrate the brake and other pedals can do like this way also

    push hard in : click to set max
    when brake is still flickering a little bit
    push brake 1mm and set then set min
    normally the flickering stops now

    i hope it gonna help you
    let me know
  9. Yes, similar workaround that works for me.
    If pedals are connected after computer started the brake pedal registers 100% at 50% travel.
    You need to check Enable Manual Calibration, don't press anything yet, there will be "Wait.." message that disappears after a bit, after it's gone, uncheck Manual calibration and do regular auto calibration by pressing each pedal.

    For flickering, when I had it, setting min preset worked too, but it's gone now, either because of break in or extra vaseline I put on PU foam.
  10. thank andrew,
    your steps works also.

    do you do these steps every time you start up a sim or starting up the wheel or just when starting up the pc.
    big thx
  11. The pedals are calibrated on PC startup. Sometimes I don't even have to do that, only when there is cold reset or pedals were physically disconnected. Guess, that's because of Win10 quick startup feature.
  12. ok thx