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About mod fidelity

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Dirceu Junior, Mar 14, 2015.

  1. Yes, I believe!

  2. No, I only use official Kunos cars.

  3. No, but i play just for fun.

  4. I don't know, i never drove a race car.

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  1. Dirceu Junior

    Dirceu Junior

    I was racing with the Corvette C7R and it felt harder to handle than the URD C6R, so a question come to my head: Is it like in real life? C6R is easier to handle? Someone have driven one of them in real life?

    Thinking more it brings me to another question: how real are mods in physics terms? Because when i play Assetto Corsa i have in mind that cars behavior are the most close to reality as possible and i used to trust in mods (some of them of course), now with this C6R and C7R difference i felt fooling.

    What are you opnion about it? Also i added a poolfor more discussion.
  2. Stereo


    I don't expect mods to have the same level of quality as Kunos's cars (most are made without direct contact with the manufacturer or ability to test the car, esp race cars) but as long as they drive okay, I'm not worried about it.
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  3. Jempy


    As in all sims ... there are very good mods and less good ones.
    Of course, many mods don't have the same quality as Kunos's cars ... but good modders are creating excellent mods, driving perfectly, with very good sounds and nice 3D models.

    Not worried about it of course .... it's just a question of making his own good choice. ;)
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  4. William Wester

    William Wester

    I'm going back to a clean install of v1.1.1 as I don't find myself using AC mods that much. I only race offline and the AI with modded tracks are usually very bad. I also find performance or graphical problems with many of the modded cars/tracks, I'm running triples with only a single GTX980. Also, because I race all of the available sims I always can find a challenge without needing a single sim that has every car or track that I'm interested in.

    Just my $.02