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About leagues lack, imho

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Alessandro Gamberini, May 13, 2009.

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  1. Hi guys and ADMINS,

    many times ago I subscribed this site finding a big lack on rFactor leagues
    now that I am back here after months I can see only two leagues but without a defined calendar and this is a pity for a great site like RDept :pissed-off:

    why there isn’t yet a league like for the other sims (EVO, GTL …) ?
    I always have seen a full entry list for the racing club so there are many drivers interested in rFactor sim ….

    my sincere compliments for this beautiful site

    thank you
  2. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    I think this is the third time you mentioned it now in a thread i think. But imho there are two cool league organised now (have you entered those?) and a third one that is to be announced is in development.

    Please link me to one event with a full grid, becuase ill be blown away :D

    No seriously, believe me that we are working on rFactor with just as much dedication as for our other sims, but it takes time, a lot of time. And we need you and all other members, to get the word out if you enjoy the racing here.

    We are not gonna advertise on other boards or websites because we think that when the racing is good the players come automatically.

    So far we have less members in rFactor then for instance Evo but that doesnt keep people away from signing up gladly. The last months we have a small dedicated group of racers and correct me when i am wrong: high level fun racing!
  3. V8 Supercars or upcoming Endurance Serie mod and Ill be there. :)
  4. Abdul Al-Amry

    Abdul Al-Amry
    2011 RD Indy 500 Winner

    Alessandro there is a trip to Lienz, you interested?
  5. yes, you are right, probably this is the third time in a year that I open a topic like this, sorry !!

    but what I mean is that this two leagues haven't a calendar, so they are not a typical league, they are more close to a special event
    Is it right ?

    here in RDept I have seen many races with PCC mod and many drivers in grid but never a league, I think this is a pity ...

    I apologise for my english, my intention is to not be polemic but only proactive

    thanks for all your effort
  6. ?? I haven't understood ??
    link ?
  7. It is a race coming friday with a bus mod.
  8. eheheh very cool, but I was talking about leagues :)
    thanks for have invited me :laugh2:
  9. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Tralalala, dont click here :wink2:
  10. I clicked, I clicked. :)

  11. ciao Alessandro,as Bram tell you ,we work with dedication,but we miss drivers,we have a good regular base with who we have a lot of fun in our events,for the two leagues you mentioned before,you should read carefuly,there's a calendar,so why one day league?i think it's a good promotionnal format to attract rF drivers if they have fun in this "little " leagues,they will race here regulary,and then,we should start to talk about longers leagues.why won't you join us in the club?
  12. F1 league


    I have played rFactor now for a while, enjoy driving but hate the AI..so i want to start online racing.

    There does not seem to be many F1 leagues to rFactor(or other openwheelers)..so i wonder if you can recommend a good F1 league to me.

  13. Hi there Sebastien,

    sincerly I haven't found it :giggle:
    in the pdf champ description there isn't anything
    can you give me a link for the RD500 ?

    thanks you for inviting me but I feel more attractive a champ due to its driver's ranking :wink2: like the one I'm just finishing
    anyway as soon as possible I'll sign in for a PCC rF event trying to bring with me other italian drivers (at least 2 of my Team)

    about your effort on managing this site: I know very well how much work it takes from your personal time and I think is appraciated from all of us (1st from me)

  14. unfortunately the "super qualy day" for the RD500 was monday,35 drivers have fight to get on of the 25 place avaible for the race,but for the 6 hours of nurb,you can register a team :) ,forza italia racing :)
  15. ok, understood, but my question is "where can I find the RD500 full calendar ?"
    there is not track of it inside the relevant league pdf and one can think this is only a one shot race ...
  16. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Its a one day event on the Jacksonville Superspeedway since the real Indy500 is a one day event as well.
  17. I apologise for my ignorance !!
    now it is perfectly clear, also from this link ...

    so this is a year based league, very cool, next year I'll not miss it :)
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