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About diff. and camber

Discussion in 'F1 2016 - The Game' started by loma28, Nov 12, 2016.

  1. Hi, could someone more expert in setup than me, explain how does work differential, difference between throttle off and on, so as to have more grip in corners.
    About camber, more negative should have more grip, but in many posted setups I see
    that often they prefer less negative.
    I am confused
  2. Regarding camber: it's the angle the wheel have from the vertical plane.
    The angle of the wheel allows the tyre to have his bottom plane parallel to the tarmac when the suspension is compressed under heavy loads in corners: the more parallel the wheel is with the tarmac the more grip it has because has more surface on contact.

    Circuits with fast corners AND a lot of downforce needs higher cambers, circuits with low downforce or slow corners need to have less cambers to have the wheel parallel to the tarmac in corners.
  3. Diff: a low on throttle means less power is applied less quickly to the wheels and will result in less chance of spinning when you tromp on the accelerator. A high off throttle means power to the wheels won't drop as drastically and as quickly when you let off the accelerator. So if you are a crap driver like me, a lower on throttle will mean less chance of spinning the tires leaving a corner and a high on throttle will mean less chance of spinning when you let off the throttle when decelerating. I don't notice the effect as much in F1 2016 as I do when I drive some of the older (1960s) cars in RFactor2. I should say I BELIEVE this is the way it works in F1 2016...someone I'm sure will straighten me out if I have it backwards.
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  4. Thank-you mates, indeed car setup in this game seems to be quite useless since you can achieve
    excellent laptimes with so different setups, as I see in that section of the forum.
  5. I agree. This game has great physics, but it's not a sim: the setups are quite useless. I found one setup that works good for me in almost every track in career mode