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About 2013 FSR rules

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Primaguida, Apr 5, 2013.

  1. Hello everybody

    I think it's a good idea to start a general topic about 2013 rules, for everyone has uncertaintys and questions about them.

    General rules
    6.5 - I can change my seat view, right?
    6.7 - I don't find "Allow Chat In Car" in my PRL file
    11.4 - Where can I find the FSR Manager software?
    12.4 - The same tire compound rule will be apply for the first round at Melbourne?

    World Trophy Rules Supplement
    1.2 Clutch Assistance, Traction Control (low) and Anti-Lock Brakes (low) have equal weight penalty?
    9.1 If my offline game setting has mechanical failures timescaled and about the 75% of race length, can I recreate the G1 race condition in a offline race simulation? Same question with G2 settings. I ask for the reliability side.

    Personal doubt
    - If I press the Esc button in the middle of a lap during pre-qualifyng and qualifyng session (not in Q2), can I rejoin the track? Can I rejoin the track if I press Esc in front of my box?
    - Can I set "Autoblip 0" in my PRL file? (I ask becouse it is allowed in other leagues)

    Thank you very much,
    Alessio Campus

    PS: I will change my avatar and my signature, allowing to recognise me easily. Sorry if this is a problem.
  2. Hi

    6.5 Changing the seat position using the in-game seat adjustment buttons is allowed
    6.7. You are correct, mistake in rules, that option is set in Multiplayer.ini file
    11.4 Manager software will appear on simsync today or tomorrow (not ready yet)
    12.4 Free compounds in Melbourne, we are still testing the system

    1.2 Clutch assistance has no weight penalty. Traction and Anti-Lock I think has same weight penalty, don't have access to check it right now

    9.1 Yes, the important thing is to have timescaled failures on, it should be the same as our server then

    - Esc can be pressed at any times in Q1

    - Autoblip 0 can be used, not sure why you would prefer that though
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  3. Becouse I think I would have a little weight or time penalty if I set to 1. What's the difference to set or not to set?

    And not in pre-qualifyng, right?

    Thanks again
  4. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    Esc can be used freely in Pre-Q as well. The session is private anyway.
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  5. Auto blip means the throttle gets "blipped" automatically during shifts, you'll notice the difference in downshifts between those two values. Most drivers prefer it at one to have the revs matched. It doesn't come with extra weight penalty.
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  6. What if GPCos says 42 laps and rFactor 40? (WT Korea example).

    Thank you