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Abarth - Newbury 2002

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Chris Kehagias, Oct 28, 2010.

  1. For first day of practice I think it went well. 1m07.932 :redface:

    If I make any changes I will post them

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  2. Here's is another one guys, best lap-time 1.08.052 (there's more into it, though... about half of a sec). That said, I don't particularly like the set (too understeery) but it's certainly better than the default one. As Chris said above, those are our initial sets from the 1st day of practice.

    Later one, Vaggelis will post another one, with which he's already managed 1:07.683.

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  3. ευχαριστίες ! :)
  4. Hehe... vous êtes les bienvenus :)

    Anyone tried the sets? Any feedback?
  5. Not yet, overbooked this week :eek:
  6. excellent setups, just quickly tried both and each shaved off two seconds from my time. (still not great 1,14) but much better! I'll keep trying
  7. I kinda feel like I'm driving RBR. Drifting isn't reallly right in these cars is it?
  8. Normally it isn't, you are right. As far as my set is concerned, since it's quite understeery I've tried to make it a bit tail-happy when lifting off the gas, or touching slightly the brakes. This helps for positioning the car quickly at corner entry.

    I may have overdone it though, since I was experimenting for a long time, and at some point I got too tired to correctly evaluate things.
  9. With this i made my pb,if i make it better ill post it again,hope it helps

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  10. Cheers. Tried to drive a bit today, totally different from open wheelers (I wonder why :D). Used Harry's setup, but maxed the rear ARB. Will try yours tomorrow too, thanks