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Career Abarth Career by BiART 1.5.1

Very Immersive and full detailed Career on 3 Season by roadcar to single-seater

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    Abarth Career by BiART - Very Immersive and full detailed Career on 3 Season by roadcar to single-seater

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  2. On the Abarth Experience how do you get 6 medals, 3 bronze, 2 silver, 1 gold if there are only 5 events ?
  3. You are right, my mistake.I'll fix it as soon as possible. ;)
  4. After finishing the third race at Magione I'm not getting the gold despite that I came 1st.
  5. It was already reported. It must be an error in the calculation of the AI fuel by Game
    Try to repeat the race after it is over, without leaving the track.
    It should resolve.

    Else available.
    Have fun.;)
  6. i get to the nurburg-short on trofeo career and it says track dont exist is this because of the 1.5 update
  7. There was no doubt; I was already in the program update.
    As soon as I have some free time, I settle all for the 1.5 (although I put the time trials instead of laps ...)
  8. Hello, beautiful app career, however I would suggest a problem that response .... I can not do the first two sessions at Vallelunga (in Abarth Experience) because I do not find the circuit. A window tells me that the circuit was not found. How can you solve?
    Thank you!
  9. It's a problem because of the updated 1.5.
    In the new career update should all work.
    If you want, try it and give me feedback.. ;)
    (currently I haven't a lot time for AC) xD
  10. not working for me:(
  11. I'm uploading the update just now,
    try again to erase everything and re-download career in a few hours ... ;)
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  12. ok thank you:)
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  13. Thanks .... I can just try right away because it's really worth it !!! Thanks again!
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  14. Hello, question ... events are 4 and 4 medals are but one of the events (Vallelunga) does not work for the bug described in the beginning of the post. How do you advance in the game and unlock other leagues?
    Thank you:)
  15. Hi Robsten,
    hell you're right, I mixed up the folders.
    In the new update should work all ...
    I ask apologize to other guys for the loss of time. :)