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Misc aarava mydriver s2 mod 3.2

for aarava

  1. Very nice work ;) One question, which program is needed to modify the names of the pilots? A greeting!
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  2. Can you make this for F1 2014 please :) . Nice Work
  3. possible im currently updating
  4. ugh i thought it's the complete mod :(

    there are only the driver names changed nothing more :cry:
  5. hi sorry i can do helmets:(:(
  6. helmets coming soon;);)
  7. i dont know liveries but you need ego language editor
  8. Could u make ur overview a bit more interesting? I'd like to know what I download. ;)
  9. k anything else thanks man
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  10. i got the language editor, how does it work :) thk
  11. you must copy a lng file to desktop and then your ready to edit:):););):cool::cool:
  12. okay