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A9X rfactor

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by Hammie Stein, May 20, 2012.

  1. i see there is one made for sim world,
    , i hear the A9X was made by Team Orsm, anyway this could get released publicly?
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  2. Anyone else with me?
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  3. IIRC it has been asked and I believe that mod was paid and made for an external client.

    The ORSM crew can confirm or deny that's the case or if we can play with it :p
  4. Yeah but I think that I read somewhere that they had no issue with its release and it was up to people to ask the ORSM guys about it (of course maybe I am mistaken :) as I frequently am)
  5. Says in the video comments it wasn't made only for SimWorld and ORSM can release it if they want

    P.S: You guys at team ORSM will be more awesome if you release it :D
  6. You are correct. That was a customer job, and those babies are actually beefed up to match the HGT series that was built for SimWorld. It is not in the current plans to release this as a Mod though.
  7. oh :(
  8. Perhaps we should give some thought and time to getting the A9X and XC "Unleashed". Not as a stand alone mod but as additional model's to the current line up? I'm thinking we release the models and templates and the leave the skinning to the community?
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  9. Would be great Gavin!! Iv always wanted an A9X in rfactor :D and im sure there are skinners out there that could do it :D
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  10. I would love to skin both the cars :)
  11. See I knew I had read it somewhere ;)
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  12. Hey all.

    Just a question?? does anyone have any rear shots of the 78 XC of Moffat?? When I built the Simworld models it was the 1 shot I couldn't get, and being a customer logo skin, it wasn't needed as I could do my own thing.

    Just a shot of the Classic or Biante model would suffice..
  13. Unless your a member of that sight you can't view any attachments. I tried registering there for other reason. Didn't get a activation email and though I have a account I have no access to anything, Attachments included. A PM to Admin so far has fallen on deaf ears or the site want let me even do that.

    Basically, That link is useless.
  14. Doug62, are you saying you can't view the image if you click that link?

    I'm not a member of that site but can see the image...
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  15. [​IMG]
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  16. [​IMG]
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  17. Since that customer is no longer in business, can this MOD be release publicly?
    Love to include that MOD in a series of ours. :thumbsup:
  18. Like wise i would love to be able to put this in to TCL as we are just starting a championship on this mod.
    Any idea haw to contact the people you made it for and possibly obtaining it from them.
    It surprises me that the most iconic cars have not been realeased
  19. Look at all the information that i can find Simworld states in 2009 that this could be released t the public just wondering why it was not it was already made so any reason why it wasn.t.
    Even just the cars would have been good