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A Vote for Car-Specific FFB Adjustments

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by JvMr, Feb 17, 2014.

  1. Yes, please.

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  2. No, thank you.

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  1. Hello guys.

    I've been waiting for the inclusion of car-specific ffb adjustments myself for some time now. I think it's really a good, and logical option to have. And it's not surprise that many titles like iR, rF1&2, pcars etc have it.
    One can't expect Kunos or any dev to perfectly balance the ffb for all the different wheel combinations there are these days and thats all fine. This is also even before taking account the subjectivity of the matter, which plays a big role.

    This might be already in Kunos' radar, but I'm just thinking if I'm alone in waiting this option, or is there a wide 'demand' for it. I'd say there's no downside to it either, if you like the stock settings, leave them at that. :)

    Optimal I think would be a gain and a filter setting, but just car-specific gain setting (or multiplier) would suffice well already.

    I don't personally care much how this would be implemented (meaning where the adjustment would happen). Which ever way is most convinient for Kunos would be fine, atleast for starters. :)
  2. Why not. Not necessarily high priority tho, imo, as lots of things will change until 1.0 and it would be tweaking hell with every update. I'm fairly happy with the ffb, with T500, atm anyways. But after 1.0 sure.
  3. Oh yeah, not a very high priority indeed. I didn't mean to imply that either.
  4. In my own opinion FFB should be adjusted once so it fits all cars, if right now it works better in some is because it needs more fine tune from Kunos...
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  5. Ideally, the FFB would be set/balanced right out of the box but, if that is not possible/practical then yes - car-specific FFB settings would be preferred.
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  6. Yea, i would agree that in this day in age, you should be able to set the FFB and hotkeys for each vehicle and then it should automatically load that profile when you start a session with said vehicle. Basically, just like iracing...

    For instance, some cars i wanna use my 6speed, others paddle shifters, drift cars less FFB, etc.
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  7. A little app for this would be nice, not a high priority at all thought as most cars already have a good FFB strength calibration.

    Thinking of it, AC has the most consistent ffb across different cars of all sims.