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A skin for the Xsara

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Sebastien Levret, Oct 30, 2010.

  1. Can someone do for me a skin for the xsara 2005 for the end of the RD RBR championship ?

    With the same color as Loeb one, with my name and the number 11?


  2. Just change the name and number? Sure, give me a few minutes :)
  3. yep, just the name and the number.

    To have it for the 2 last rounds of our championship.
  4. It's tell me that the file is damaged. I can not open the zip file.
  5. Works fine for me when I download it :confused:. I'll try uploading a .rar
  6. You forgot the Alpha channel, Senad :)
  7. Seems like I edited the wrong car :confused:. When I try the Xsara WRC 2005, I get Sordo's car, Xsara05_2, and Xsara05 doesn't look right on it.

    Will try again later tonight, or you can do it Lukasz :)
  8. Yep, the download with your link doesn't work for me. My teamate put it on an over site, and I can download it.

    But like you I have Sordo's car. In fact the original skin for the Xsara 2005
  9. How does one get to drive Loeb's 05 Xsara anyway? The skins don't seem to be from the same car? When I applied this skin to XSARA05_2, it didn't look good.
  10. We have a small problem, Sebastien. I can't find a Loebs skin for the model used by RSRBR as Xsara 2005. There is a skin you're looking for, but for the model used as a Xsara WRC 2004. I'll keep looking for it, but if don't find one another solution might be you checking out the 2004 model? If it drives the same for you we have the solution :) (or you can have for example your current livery, but with your name on a side window). Give a sign what suits you best.
  11. Yes, maybe if it is possible, can use the skin of dany sordo, modify the number and the name and replace the yellow color by a blue color ?
    And put a french flag instead of the spain flag on the top of the car.

  12. You don't mind placing my toxic-yellow RDRC stickers on the Xsara, Seb?
  13. Okay, went wild, de-Spaniardized the Xsara, put those wildly green stickers on, slapped the name on the rear windows and even done a preview screen for the skin :).

    Hopefully you'll like it Seb, don't tell me it was all in vain :p

    Oh, I must admit I got the idea to put the top-down shot from Damien's image, kudos to him :).
    Also in every shot Seb's driving (Noiker replay), which meant I needed to do some saturation tweaking.

    Anyway, you can DL it here.
  14. Nice looking skin!
  15. wonderfull, thanks so much