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A second driver profile in rF2?

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Stenne, Jun 22, 2015.

  1. Stenne


    I wonder if it is possible to create a second (or more) driver profile in rF2 in single player mode? For example if a friend of mine now and then use my computer it would be nice to start up with or change to another driver profile.

    But, is it at all possible?
  2. It's not something I've seen, however you can have multiple installs which will work just the same.
  3. Stenne


    OK. Thanks.
    I've made a second install and it's an OK solution.
  4. Cool, just so you are aware, it is against the terms and conditions to have someone else using your install. The are no restrictions on the amount of installs you have.

    And finally, with your multiple installs, you can share the packages directory to save hard drive space.
  5. Stenne


    Thanks, I was'nt aware of that.

    Yes, that's a good advice. And I really needed to save hard disk space. My first install was on a SDD drive with limited space which rapidly grew smaller and smaller. So now I use that installation only for racing, with a limited number of cars and tracks installed. I then use the second installation, with program files, data files and the shared package folder on a Tb-size hard disk, for testing new downloads and for storage of cars and tracks that I don't race at the moment. This way I can keep the "pressure" on my SSD disk down.