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Sounds A quick/ Temp fix for Mods Sounds

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Modding Discussions' started by Shaun Clarke, Oct 25, 2016.

  1. Shaun Clarke

    Shaun Clarke
    Premium Member

    As we all know V1.9 has broken the sounds of all Mod cars, but only external sounds, so here is a quick TEMP fix.

    In the Assetto Corsa/sfx folder, rename common.bank and common.strings.bank to .old. Then copy these files to there, and hay presto, you have external sounds back.

    I say rename, so when people update their sounds, you can just go straight back to V1.9.


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  2. Thank you this will fill the gap nicely!
  3. Thanks for the help man but it didn't seem to work for me. Adding .old to then end of the original file names just broke all sound in my game even on official cars. Adding the files you gave without changing the names hasn't given me any sounds back in my mods, am I doing something wrong? Thanks for the help!
  4. PaddyPants,
    In the "assettocorsa / content / sfx" folder, just rename the original files to, "orig common.bank" and "orig common.strings.bank" and then add the new files to that folder. That's it!
  5. I'm getting the same problem, it's got nothing to do with the downloaded files, my sound just completely stops working when I change the name of the original common.bank and common.strings.bank. Is it something to do with a setting on my pc? I don't understand how changing the name can completely break it.

    EDIT: Actually after a little more testing this does work with the mods but leaves all my official cars with no sound, is this just the compromise we have until there's a proper fix?

    Thanks for helping man.
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  6. Shaun Clarke

    Shaun Clarke
    Premium Member

    All "internal" sounds should work for the "official cars" well they do on mine, and all external and internal sounds should work for mod cars, again, does on mine.

    Yes @PaddyPants as I said, this is just a temp fix that I did, as I was right in the middle of the physics and tyres update for the BTCC mod, so I needed sounds back ASAP while V1.9 are done, that's why I suggested renaming them, so when V1.9 sounds are done, it's easy to go back to and you don't have to waste time doing an integrity check
  7. Shaun Clarke

    Shaun Clarke
    Premium Member


    I can confirm that all "official" sounds now DON'T WORK if you do this, which is a shame, so only do this if you don't intend on using official cars and are only using Mod cars.

    On the plus side.....ALL of Fonseckers V1.6 sounds continue to work...The man's a magician :D
  8. Hello
    Here is a way to replace the sound of a modded car with some original Kunos one's that is quite fast :
    (with AC Cars Manager http://www.racedepartment.com/.../actools-cars-manager.6518/ )

    So to go on working on BTCC you can put for example BMW M3 E30 DTM sounds (that is a blast in my mind on your mod) as a temporary solution, and be able to enjoy the new Porsche

    I get all the modded cars that I enjoy working by this way, and those which have original sounds of their own should be updated soon by modders...
  9. jp, the gtplanet.net link says, "forbidden" for me...
  10. Me also today, yesterday it was okay ... strange
    So I will explain it here :
    - open cars manager
    - select the car you want to get sounds in the panel on the left
    - by a click on the right button on the car, on the right, you get a submenu : select folder to open the car folder, and there go inside the "sfx folder", and delete everything inside it (.bank file and GUIDs.txt)
    in the submenu in the car menu, click on "reload"
    - you will get an "error message : sound bank missing" in red on the top of the picture of the car
    - click on it, and the software propose you to get the sound from an original Kunos car
    - select the car you want to import the sound from
    - here you are ... it's working again but with the sound from a Kunos car
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2016
  11. schrep1964

    Premium Member

    Good idea. I can confirm that the same thing can be done with Content Manager. All mods working again within a breeze. And with some very good results. Additional effect is that allmost all official sound banks are leveled out and working great together.
  12. Thanks jp chemisky for info on this. Got Formula 3, Formula Renault and International Formula Masters mods working again with sounds by following your guide.
  13. Works fine.
    I replaced the (not working) sounds from the BTCC BMW 125i M Sport by the sound of the BMW M3 E30 DTM.... Great !