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A question to the modders regarding tyre sim.

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by F1 2011 Rocks!, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. Hi guys - it's great that you're releasing all these great mods, they're really improving the game. However, for me, the one thing that really needs sorting out is tyre sim for the AI. Having fuel sim working for the AI would be wonderful, but in my opinion, the tyre sim is quite a bit more important.

    Let me explain: if I drive with tyre sim off, the game feels completely like an arcade game - there's a stupid amount of grip and it's harder to make a mistake than not make one (if you get what I mean). There's no challenge at all - regardless of whether fuel sim is on or not. Now, if I drive with fuel sim off but tyre sim on, if I lose concentration, then mistakes are more than a distinct possibility - but since the AI isn't affected by tyre sim, it can get frustrating when your tyres start going off.

    Do you guys reckon it might be possible to get tyre sim working for the AI? Heck, if you could get both tyre and fuel sim working, you'd be real legends!

    The sad thing is, Codies could probably fix both these issues by altering a few obscure lines of code that we don't yet know about - how long would it really take them? The game is so close to being the best F1 game ever, yet it needs that second patch.

    Anyway modders, keep up the good work. :)
  2. 35 views and no replies - the chances of getting an AI with tyre sim don't sound too good then. :(
  3. Bram

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    If it was that simple i am sure modders could do it also on the fly :)

    Codemasters can adjust a million things easily to improve the game for sure, but what we don't know is who is pulling the strings. There is so much more involved into making a game than just a little programming. Especially with a license as Formula 1.
  4. +1 agreed..
  5. I believe its something our guys will be looking at in the future, just not for a first release. Its definetly on the agenda, but we feel there are more important issues with the ai than this at the moment. Its not ideal how it is, but I wouldn't think its a game breaker. But its definetly something we intend to have look at.
  6. maybe F1 2011 will solve our issues..
  7. That's good to hear. It's not quite a gamebreaker for me, but if you have to turn it off to be competitive and you want any kind of realism in your driving, then it is a gamebreaker, as no tyre sim turns this game into an arcade game.

    I'm sure the modders would've had some luck with it a long time before next autumn/winter (as that's when you'll see F1 2011). Or maybe Codies might actually surprise us and release patch No. 2!

    Yep. And:

  8. lol..
    but patch 2??? i doubt it.. codies have mentioned that they aint making anymore patches for this game.. if im not wrong that is..
  9. Really? Have you got a source for that - that's bad news if it's true.
  10. its there somewhere in the codies forum..
  11. Fahad is correct T4G-R4T or something like that said so post patch. I do not have the link but it is there in black and white/pink. No more support for F1 2010 that is why they are not so often on the CM site now. Its so they can concentrate on 2011 so they say but I also read in some article pre patch that patch one is only the first one they are doing and making the patches isn't holding them back from working on f1 2011, but now it is . So they 'intended' more patches (why if the first fixed everything) but have now changed their mind's and no more I am afraid. F1 2010 is 'as is' that's it !

    It's down to modder's to fix it best we can, then 2011 will pop up and we won't be needed any-more, but we don't care we will have a new toy 'to fix' lol. I am interested on how hard CM are going to make F1 2011 in regard's to modding or if it is on PC at all. Since us modder's are as bad as pirate's apparently (other game manufacturers now claim this and CM sort of skirted the subject, we are the next target's/victims) .

    And as Little Master (hello mate) says it is something being looked at, well I already have and started working on it lol as it does bug me when I race with sim's on and race my best and my pace drop's but their's seem's not to. I say seem's because they do drop pace only fractionally and much later than you do. You will observe it in longer race's but very slight. And I am not 100% sure it is the tyre sim at all it may be something else to simulate it.
  12. That's disgraceful, Codies. The game is not in a completely working state - two of the advertised features are not working properly for the AI - fuel sim and tyre sim, as well as the other issues.

    As for modders being as bad as pirates, pull your head outta yer arses, Codies (and other devs). Exactly how do modders affect your income from the game? If anything, they massively boost it on the PC front, as once news of how good F1 2010 is modded, more people are likely to buy it, not less - and some people who might have been thinking of returning/selling it won't thanks to the very people you're calling 'as bad as pirates'.

    Seriously - the people saying that modders are as bad as pirates - were you born that stupid, or did you have to train? Give me a break.
  13. dont worry.. next year you will get a fix.. and the MAJOR FIX WILL BE THE TITLE CHANGE TO F1 2011
  14. Let me put it another way Codies. OK, fair enough - you want to concentrate on F1 2011. It better not have all the basic things wrong with it that held back F1 2010 from being a truly legendary game - there are no excuses if you want to drop support for F1 2010.
  15. Im just going to wait for a month after release to see what happen's. I have a fair Idea of what will happen I just want to be wrong for a change, but very much doubt it lol

    I did get GT legend's the other day and Race On and I love em, fantastic game's. I am looking forward to the new rF now and GT cant wait for these now !