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A question and a few suggestions (and a bug report)

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by stop, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. I downloaded the Build 90 update for rFactor 2 and now it runs FINE on my computer! :)

    I am pleased to get rFactor 2 running, I AM ENJOYING IT!!!! :)

    I just want to ask some questions first.
    I have the Formula ISI Masters mod.
    I would like to have my own teams & drivers in.
    I try editing the VEH and DDS files in the mas file.
    When I get ingame, the Formula ISI Masters mod isn't there.
    Please can anyone help me, I would really like to have my own teams & drivers in.

    Also are the helmets in the FISIM mod moddable?

    Also I have a couple of suggestions for future updates.
    Intermediate and full wet tyres.
    AI defending their positions (eg. taking the defensive line)

    Also, there is a bug in replay mode.
    If a car crashes, and some parts of the car break off, the parts that broke off are off the car for the whole replay rather than just from when the car crashed.
  2. tjc


    Yeh stop... I am also enjoying :)

    Not sure about the rest of your questions but the replay bug is a well known issue, hopefully it`ll be fixed up soon.
  3. Marco Bijl

    Marco Bijl
    adMAXIhater (O.O.O.)

    To edit the info in the MAS files, you need to extract them, and repack. Not very complicated, but you do need to know which steps to take. In the end, all is modable. So also the helmets can be altered. You need to figure out where the link is made to the helmet file, and alter that to the one you like. Like said, it's possible, but you need to know how to do it.

    About those options you are giving,

    It depends on the class which tires are available. There are mods with only 1 type of tire, but I have also seen MODS with intermediates and wet tires in them. It all depends on the creator of the mod, and not the ISI updates ;)
    AI is being optimized further with each build. As from the latest release info:

    Removed forcing lanes on restart phase for AI.
    improvements on AI cars detecting his and other's relative motion along the line perpendicular to his current driving line.

    So it is being optimized. I am sure it will get better and better. Offcourse, there is also the AIW file a track maker makes, which defines a lot of the AI strategy as well.

    Anyway, I am glad to hear you are enjoying it :). I would suggest applying for a free license, and come and join the club racing events :)
  4. I am enjoying Rfactor 2 more than any other sim ever. It really feels like next-gen.
    Kind of unrelated, but I have some suggestions as well...
    • Adjustable RPM meter in HUD (so it doesn't "stick" at 8 RPM)
    • Give a clear notice when pit stop is finished
    • Create an overview of the weekend that you can see in all the sessions (race length, time of day and so on)
    • Have some kind of countdown when session ends and starts (I almost missed the race start if it wasn't for the speakers)
  5. For the pitstop you see how much its gonna take and when it reaches that time you can go. :)
    And a countdown is on top of your screen. :)
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  6. You have 3 tacho's to choose from, but I'd also like the dial to reflect the cars RPM like in Simbin.
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  7. Yeah I know but some of us are a bit dim and need a guy waving a lollipop sign at us :p

    • more deadzone options and FFB fine tune details even though I know I can manually edit controller.ini
  8. Also, I just want to ask, apart from Interlagos (Lars Brugman is working on Interlagos, hope to see it released in the next few months) is anyone making any F1 tracks? I am an F1 fan, I really like the Formula ISI Masters mod, a generic car from 2011/12, with F1 rules like DRS, Soft and Medium compounds, but the only up to date version of an F1 track released is Malaysia. I'd really like to see some more F1 tracks released especially Melbourne, Shanghai, Up-to-date Monaco, Istanbul Park, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Valencia, Montreal, Hockenheim, Up-to-date Spa and Up-to-date Monza. I am just wondering if any F1 track other than Malaysia and Interlagos is in progress because I'd really like to see them in rFactor 2, especially Singapore and Abu Dhabi, the graphics of Singapore and Abu Dhabi in rF2 would be AWESOME!!!! :)
    Also will the FISIM mod have KERS in? KERS would be AWESOME!!!! :)
    Thanks all for your help so far
  9. I'm not working on Interlagos.:) All credit goes to Feels3 for the amazing work he has done on Croft and Interlagos.