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A number of UK retailers listing a September release for GT5

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Kevin Watts, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. Game, Gameplay, Play.com and Gamestation all have the 25th of September listed as a possible release date for Gran Turismo 5. Of course dates can change but fingers crossed. I thought a release closer to Christmas may have been planned by Sony with a special hardware bundle to grab sales.
  2. 4 retailers at a time? That's very promising. But there have been cases where this has happened before. Evereyone expects X date, comes out Y date. But recently, retailers have been ucky with dates. And PD did say they could release GT5 whenever they want, as production has been going very well (I believe they said they got most of the stuff done already).

    When GAME have a release date, that's the date. I don't often see a false date on GAME.
  3. Only two - Game and Play - the rest are derivatives of Game.

    And I don't believe it ;)
  4. Play.com are usually pretty good, Shop.to are the cheapest I've seen so far at £32.95 who also show a 25/09/2009 release date. ASDA also have 25/09/2009 listed as do Tesco. Nice to see some kind of speculation for a release date for it though as we know it can change.
  5. Well, either one rumor has fooled them all, PD are giving estimations, or it's a sort of shipping date to the retailers that was leaked. I would imagine devs/publishers give dates beforehand of when the game arrives in their stock.

    With all those retailers, it's looking good.
  6. Very often the retailers don't wait for a release date to list a game for pre-order they just put it up with a 'TBA' release date. I think the end of September is quite early compared to some rumours but I'd be happy if it were true. We still have TGS to come and Sony are going to keep some announcements back for that. Sony made one big Gran Turismo related announcement at E3 - the mobile version while they also teased everyone with a trailer for GT5 so its not inconceivable that they could announce a release date at TGS, on their home soil so to speak. It might even be that the Japanese version gets released first in 2009 as GT5P did and then the US and PAL territories follow later.
  7. Good point Revvin. They could release Spec I in Japan and Spec II in NA/Europe.
  8. TBh Im not getting my hopes up. As all PS3 fans now sony are delay kings and Im not expecting this game for aged. PD and Yamauchi want this game to be perfect are are not the type to rush games out and patch them. Like EA love doing. They will get this game spot on and release it when they are more than 100% satisfied with there product. In my view dont expect it till 2010, then you will not get disapointed by these rumours.

    But this wait will be worth it. It will be a brilliant game.

    Oh and just to tease you GT fans up more, READ THIS: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/e3-yamauchi-we-could-release-gt5-now
  9. Same interview that was posted weeks ago. If he says they can release whenever, then perhaps they are just polishing now. Probs an official release date at the next gaming event.
  10. Yes which is why perhaps some people are saying it will arrive in 2009 and some say 2010, hopefully at TGS Sony will shed some more light on this.
  11. I can wait, just want them to get it right. I'm surprised it's got such an abrupt release date. I was expecting end of 2009/beginning of 2010 seeing as they've only just released the first video which doesn't even show gameplay, just real time render.
  12. Well, he wanted to step away from PD's history of ranting on about a release date and not deliviring there promise. Kazunori stated he doesn't want this to happen again and therefore he kept his mouth for 4 years...
    Nobody really knows what's going on there actually, or if it was gameplay or not...

    That's something i myself never had before. Normally the most gamehouses love to tell you how good it is, and what's all in it. With GT now it will be a discovery.

    And maybe we should wait now until OPM release the next issue, because than alot will be answered, trust me...
  13. I really hope your right bart. Lets hope we at least get some news in next months OPM.
  14. OPM all the way! :)
  15. According to this site Play.com are insisting the date they show has been given to them by the publisher.
  16. They also say a completely different date than is being suggested.
  17. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Play.com is still my #1 site when i order games online: quick, cheap and reliable 99% of the time
  18. Yes they are very reliable, I buy most of my games now online not just for price but I'm suspicious of some retailers who don't hand me a sealed copy but a disc from a drawer but also places like Gameplay and Play.com often get pre-orders to you a day or sometimes two ahead of the regular high street stores. Of course the release date is not set in stone, as we've seen other developers have delayed the release of their games but its good to have some sort of speculative date and Play.com have not just plucked this one out of thin air so it seems. It would be great to have this and Forza 3 released this side of Christmas.
  19. Indeed Kevin.

    It would be awesome to have a double realease, Forza and GT5.

    That way, everybody will be happy...

    @ Adam, the name's Bert, like Bert and Ernie from Sesamy street...:party2:
  20. November? GT5? You won't see me complaining...