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A number of tracks

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Steve G, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. Nice collection Steve, however I just noticed that a lot of the tracks (Stadium, MtDruitt, etc.) are no longer available on Rapidshare. Oops :pcbeat:
  2. Thanks for that Raido I will upload them again
  3. New Download Site:
    Sandown Park Raceway 1962 -1988 the two versions that were used in those earlier days.
    The Marrakech Street Circuit (also known as Marrakech Racetrack) is a 4.624 kilometres (2.87 mi) temporary street circuit in Agdal district, Marrakech, Morocco. The circuit is venturing by MGP.
    Las Vegas
    Sante Fe
    The Stadium Raceway
  4. Thanks! :cool: (Still seems to miss MtDruitt though, which probably is a track nobody had done before - that's why I noticed)
  5. It will take some time to put Mt Druitt up I need to fix a few things on this track,so stay in touch...:)
  6. Have downloaded Sandown66 and Calder87 but it says i am missing the sky.mas from the folder the tracks are in, where would i find it from?

    Really pleased to see both of these tracks done :)
  7. thanks racer I hope you enjoy them I hope to have them done a little better soon,
    just had this to your location folder and then place the tracks into this.
    It should look like this:
    rfactor ->Gamedata -> Locations ->BobsTrackBuilder ->sky.mas
    Sandown66 folder
    Calder87 folder
    Hope this helps