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A new game from Slightly Mad Studios.

Discussion in 'Project CARS 2' started by simon_blaszczyk, Aug 9, 2015.

  1. simon_blaszczyk


    Studio responsible for the game Project Cars showed herald a new game The Red Bull Air Race The Game at Gamescom game fair held in Cologne, Germany. Published information that the game will be available next year. It will be known that all aircraft and locations of this year will be available. I do not know why, but I wonder why they did this game. They have yet to make World of Cars and Project Cars 2. With these two titles is known that PC2 will be in the implementation, and the World of Cars is shrouded in mystery. Despite this, I wish them luck.
  2. Andy Jackson

    Andy Jackson
    Veteran member of the PC master race Premium

    And do the use the money from crowdfunders to make it? Or are they now rich enough after making so much money.
  3. Radu Oros

    Radu Oros

    Maybe Red Bull is also paying money for this. So should be red bull and sms funds. Remember that they sold a lot from consoles and pc, even with having to pay back to funders, they can still pull off this red bull game in terms of finances, gathering profits from pcars1 sales and red bull sponsor. This red bull air race game already exists on smartphones, so I'm deducing that red bull could have initiated the talks for a pc developer to make this game.