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A mod for dust ?

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Gaëtan Legastelois, Oct 28, 2010.

  1. Hi,

    I saw on youtube different video on RBR, but on some of them, i saw a strange dust, seem more realistic. The dust not follow the car but the dust go in the direction where the wheel plans (and then appears to float in the wind).
    see this video at 26/30s and at 35/40 :
    Or on it at 46/50s :
    And this, especially at 54/56s :eek: :

    The last video is here when we see the better behavior of the dust

    Have you alredy saw that, what's this mod ?
  2. OK I found more, surely is this mod, but hoster are down, is it lost ?

  3. That looks great :eek:

    bhmotorsports has been down for a while now, is it gone for good? :confused:
  4. They are working on getting it back up, I emailed them last week asking them since they have so may mods.

    This is from the guy listed as the registrar of the domain:

  5. Great news! I've spent hours today, looking for this mod on all the RBR forums I can think of (most in languages I barely understand), and other places as well :D
  6. I've added Kahoo's particle mod to the RBR Downloads/Miscellaneous section. Give it a try and see what you think (it originally came from BHMotorsports).

    I also have the RBR-Mod which includes 02Blur's particle mod (plus a whole heap more!). If you're interested I'll upload it too.
  7. Thank a lot, that work fine ;)

    What is better with this 02Blur's particle mod (it's compatible) ?
  8. Damien, v3? Thanks for reminding me, somehow I was convinced that the Particle mod won't work with RSRBR, installed it right away :)
  9. Thanks alot :) If you find the time, I for one would really appreciate the other particle mod as well.

  10. Thanks Damien, I had no idea about these mods before. If you can upload the other one to Racedepartment, that would be great too.
  11. Just so you guys know, Damien has posted a bunch of mods for RBR just a couple of hours ago. Thanks alot Damien! That's great of you :) Thanks once again!
  12. no problem, enjoy!
  13. BWX


    Hey that's my video! LOL. I got RBR installed on a new PC for the first time in several years. Now looking for the mod in my vid. LOL. And I end up here..