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A little shocked...

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Günthar Rowe, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. While looking for the PSSG painting utility that works for F1 2010, I found a site that had a pirated version of the game. I see these things all the time via google and just move on, but I had gone to this site as I got a hit on PSSG. Anyways, the end result was that the download counter stated 47,663 downloads and the file was only posted 2 days ago...! I know about torrents etc and all the rest, but to see this high number off a single server hosted site was a little scary.

    Don't bother PMing me about links or that crap, this was just to give a little FYI...

    47K downloaded versions means that in 2 days CM lost out on (at least for now, some may buy the game later I guess) ~US$1,880,000 (retail sales)... and yes, some might be downloads that failed etc and they clicked again... but holy cow batman... I repeat, this is just one site...
  2. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member


    And then the same pirates are complaining that simracing developers are turning their backs towards the pc community. Makes you wonder why eh?
  3. Danny Asbury

    Danny Asbury
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    This is ridiculous. Just goes to show how many people are truly thieves when no one is looking... Sad.
  4. Now, I have a couple of mate that grabbed the pirated version simple as the game was locked out the extra time and they wanted to drive NOW (as you do) and actually had the preloaded Steam files sitting there ready. I personally was able to wait 3 days extra... Also, as there is no Demo out yet, some may DL to look at these releases for test it out... but.... Bram, you are so right, I wonder if the dev costs reached US$2,000,000 for the 2010 season release? The lost revenue here from this one site is enough to fund one full scratch built game! Think what the likes of ISI, SimBin, RealTime-Racing or XMR could do if I walked in to their office and said, I have two million dollars in cash for you, build me this please!

    TBH, I would go hire the people I needed and do it myself, but you get the idea!!
  5. hehe, I did just have a little LOL at Dannys team name with respect to this topic! "Torrent" ..... anyways ...
  6. I was going to download it myself as i usually do with any new racing sim release, especially if there is no demo available, and if i liked what i saw then i would then either buy it through steam or get the dvd and i bet a heap of other people do exactly the same. But after reading others views on the game i did not even bother downloading a free copy.
    How else can you try before you buy if there is no demo available?
  7. Agree but you assume that if they didnt download that they would buy the game

    I believe in this case that Codemasters are the pirates with selling a game
    that is beta at best with the amount of bugs being found both gameplay and techinal
    Now i know guys will post its their first F1 game(who cares if it 1 or 100)
    or that coding is very complicated(Im a customer ,why should i care how difficult it was to produce a product)

    Next time anyone here goes for a meal ,if your meal is served half cooked ,are you just going to pay for it
    and say that maybe it was the chefs first attempt)

    The difference between the pirates that download a game or whatever is it MAY be costing the dev something or may not,
    but every time a dev sell a buggy piece of software it DOES cost the customer money and mostly without redress.

    How much money do you think the game has generated in sales so far
    thats what is the actual cost of the piracy of this game.
  8. I'm not condoning piracy in any way, but what you've stated is completely untrue. I'm sure Codemasters would love you to think that it's lost them nearly $2,000,000 in sales, but the reality is about 80% of people who pirate stuff wouldn't have bought it in the first place!

    I know of very few people who have the money to spend on gaming/music etc that don't buy the product. Pirates are mainly made up of people who wouldn't have bought it in the first place because they dont have the money, and people who want to try before they buy when there is no demo available.

    As i say, I'm not condoning it in any way, but don't believe the "lost sales" argument, it's completely misleading.
  9. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    It's also a form of marketing (theory):)

    Codies didn't release a demo (costly to make) because they know that the game will be pirated on release day and shared for free.

    The first release is full of bugs and will be patched in fase two soon for steamusers and other online distributions that you can only access when you paid and bought the game :)

    Result: pirates have an unfinished game and if they want to enjoy the full experience they need to "upgrade" by buying a legal copy!

    Fact stays though that pirated software is stealing.
  10. No this is pirating

    Originally Posted by iamPADDY
    It's because the qualifying times are fake. Read this:

    "@T4RG4 Love the game, but 1 question;why don't you use real times in quali and practice? I caught Webber on track, but his time was faster?!"

    "@Noelinho Because we couldn't make them compete in Qualy this time out Looking to sort that though"

    Which basically means qualifying is a giant waste of time - you're racing against a timesheet that's already been printed. It seems that they couldn't be bothered to make the qualifying times anywhere near as quick as race pace, which is where the issue here stems from.
  11. I wonder who was ripped off more, Codemasters (by the pirates) or the people who actually bought the game.
  12. If they don't have the money for the game, then how the heck do they even have a computer powerful enough to run the game? They would never buy it for that simple fact that it won't run properly......ya think?
  13. Im sure many were downloaded by people who allready preordered the game or bought it on release, since the pirate version was available earlier than legitimate game.. and some just cant wait for the couple extra days!
  14. I want my money back for all the games I bought and I didn't like.
    And I will pay 100 euros for each of the games I play with a cracked version instead of buying.

    If game developers agree, we have a deal.

    They make us buy without knowing what we are buying. I won't blame people for trying to know what they will get if they buy.