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A little late for Rfactor 2 dont you think??

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by fortress, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. hi guys!! I started playing iracing 3 months ago and ITS AWESOME. Before that, i tried all the others sims game.. GtR,race on, rfactor etc etc

    I dont know for you but personnally, when the new iracing update will strike, why waste your time playing rfactor and the upcoming rfactor 2 ??? The only downside for iracing is the money but for realism, fun factor, easier to get into a race with people etc etc iracing is the way to go

    is their a future for rfactor 2 ?!
  2. in short yes, some poeple play Simbin, some Netkar, some rFactor, some Shift.....iRacing
    nice thing is competition on the market so you can choose which one you like best or which one fits your budget
  3. apart of the money factor, everything is there for the sim fan on iracing and more than any other sim games.. i dont see how they can compete
  4. These types of threads tend to end in petty arguments when fans of one sim come together with another set of fans. Please keep this thread constructive, if it goes awry it will be locked.

    Personally I will give rFactor 2 a try, I've also recently bought the RACE 07 add-on content. I also have NetKar Pro, all of Simbin's titles to date, Live For Speed, Codemaster F1, Dirt 1 & 2, Grid and many more racing games on PC, PS3 and 360. For a long time though iRacing has been the only sim I really want to play because of the handling of the cars, the superb laser scanned tracks, the great visuals and the whole online service.
  5. There will always be room for the rFactor 2's and GTR3's of this world.

    iRacing is not the be all and end all of racing titles. It is my preferred choice, but I still play titles like DIRT2, Motorstorm, Shift 2 Unleashed, F1 2010, GT5, Burnout Paradise, NFS: Hot Pursuit.

    The one main thing that folks see as a negative regards iRacing is the money you have to fork out. For me, its not a problem. I ain't no Rockafeller, but I budget so that I can comfortably allow myself to continue subscribing and buy new content, which in turn allows me to enjoy the service and also partake in great sites like we have here at RD.

    I'm sure rFactor 2 will have a large following once it arrives for those that want to play it. I don't see iRacing 2.0 having much of a bearing on how many copies are sold, as most of the current rFactor community will all be upgrading.

    As for us in the iRacing community. We will also have great things to look forward to with the upcoming iRacing 2.0

    It's simply a case of each to their own. It's never too late for another race title to arrive on the scene.
  6. Aside from cost, the other big advantage of rF2 over iRacing is the mod support. You will be able to drive pretty much any type of car including Porsches, Ferraris, other supercars, full GT/ALMS fields, you name it. Of course the quality of these mods can vary a lot. With iRacing the selection is quite limited but the quality is always top notch.

    There's certainly enough room in simracing for both products.
  7. I agree with the comments stated above. I feel like iracings has the best package around, but I still own many other racing titles. Granted iracing gets about 97% of my racing time, but it will most likey not be the last racing title that I buy.
  8. Personally I will definately buy rFactor 2 on day 1, although I probably wont use it much for the first 6 months due to what I presume is very limited and (sry, ISI) quite poor base content. I could not care less about Race 07 dlc`s as the base physics have been bad for several years and they dont really offer anything modders cant do, and because of that a purchase of GTR3 is based on the demo (that they better have!). iRacing for me, in other words. At least until rF2 is up and running, and I dont even know how good it will be.
  9. Agree with Daz 100% in that there is room for more than just iRacing. I fired up iRacing for the first time today after around a month and half and in that month and half i have been racing SHIFT2. Well iRacing was an eye opener again and i was struggling to get to grips with the FFB. More to the point the tyre model it uses now feels very dated compared to SHIFT2's and i don't like it. Never did rate iRacings tyre model anyway when compared to NetKar's but after SHIFT2 it feels crap.

    So glad finally that 2.0 is on the way and more importantly the new tyre model. But there will always be room for SHIFT2 alongside it. So really iRacing is not as perfect as many like to think ( The fanboys, ) as even a multiplatform title out does it in alot of areas. But it's still number one for competition racing without a doubt.

    Just wish they would update their lighting
  10. Thanks Kevin for keeping the thread open. Like Kevin said guys, let's keep the discussion constructive. I myself will be playing boath games. But hopefully for rFactor 2, there will be a decent and engaging single career campaign with good AI this time!
  11. I think Rfactor has its place, another great racing game to add to the collection, iRacing is very expensive so while it is good it is held back by costs, which is why it has such a small user base. I'm surprised to see Shift 2 being mentioned, I never considered the game a sim, more of a semi sim or arcade-sim, very forgiving of mistakes and bad driving, too much grip and slightly inaccurate tracks. A fun game to be sure but without getting into a fanboy arguement (will always happen if you talk down a game) I don't think the game really falls into the sim catagory.

    I love Netkar for its open wheeler cars but personally I dont think its tyre model shines outside of that area, for me iRacing feels closer to real life, but not with the open wheel cars, FVA felt better to me than the iRacing Formula 1 car, the KS2 in NKP is amazing. I would say with the some road cars with the right tyres even GT5 feels better.

    They all have their strengths and weaknesses, enjoy them for what they are. I love iRacing but I cannot wait for Rfactor 2.
  12. I think its great to have many different games/sims also, Ive only just recently tried Iracing buying the $12 3 months special.

    I'm very underwhelmed as all the hype far exceeds what I see Iracing as at the moment, it may be a good racing simulator but its not that great a driving sim in my view. I will run a few more laps and once I get more comfortable with the game engine I will have a go at some races, from what Ive seen so far though I cant say I will be continuing on after the 3 months.

    I don't do oval racing so I've only tried the mazda and solstice on the road tracks in a few single testing laps the cars give me no feedback and though they are underpowered the tyre modeling is pretty poor IMHO driving by sight only not any feel given through the wheel to help out does make it hard to find the cars limits. I keep hearing Iracing people say that it has the best FFB of any game and you can feel the car and every bump in the track. Rfactor with tweaks and NFS shift 2 gives me better feedback then this does so I just don't see anything great there atm.

    I have a very high spec pc and a g25 wheel with plenty of pc driving game experience from gp3, simbin, rfactor, papyrus games, nkpro and recently NFS shift 2 as well as many others I cant remember atm. Also I have plenty of real world karting and track day experience in a large variety of cars from my 33gtr to formula fords and V8 touring cars.

    Using all the setups for the wheel that have worked well for me in all the other games and trying everything else I can come up with along with suggested setups for my wheel on the net with Iracing it doesn't get any better.

    The cars give no feedback when the car is on or over the grip limits and it either pushes wide or loses the back end with no warning and feedback other then seeing it happen on screen so only memory teaches you how to drive each corner and what the cars limits are and whats real in that.

    A true sim would be to me like driving a real car which I find is not very hard until you get to that point of milking the last bit of performance out of it. A default setup real car is not un-drivable its just not as fast lap time wise and the tweaks actually may make it less drivable to gain extra performance from it more often then not.

    Feeling the limits of the car at all points of driving from braking, turning in all the way through the apex until the corner exit. From the initial point of braking you should be able to feel if you will be able to turn in at the usual point and throughout the corner you should feel what the car is doing and driving it accordingly not drive a few laps getting up to speed until you finally start to reach the limits and then bang you've lost the back end or pushed out wide with no idea why or warning before it happens.

    From my limited view of Iracing I assume that even though its a good game the Iracing PR/marketing department is so good that many people seem to believe it is much better then it actually is. Some I think see it almost like a religion and are blinded from seeing any issues with it or limitations because that's what their messiah tells them lol.

    Before any people come out and say I should try the other cars and that there is a new tyre model coming out, if its such a great simulator why should I have to buy more cars to find this out shouldn't they all be great. Why aren't the initial cars as good as others and if the tyre model is being redone doesn't that prove my point exactly and did many of the followers realize its no good before they were told so by the developers. Paying a few professional drivers to endorse something doesn't mean a great deal to me I couldn't care less what someones payed for opinion of something is I will make up my own thanks anyway.

    Ive seen some threads debated on which cars may or may not have ABS in Iracing and I see this as very laughable, In a real car I can find this out in less then 30 seconds in a true sim it should be the same. This is just a basic example of how far from perfection this game really is so Im sorry to bust some peoples bubble.

    So the OP started this thread and if Iracing was to be the holy grail of racing sims why would you worry about other games coming and if they are too late. The price alone will direct which way some people go and from the views expressed here, many true driving fans will always try and buy other products hoping that it will be that next step along the way to a better driving sim. Everyone will have their own preferences in what they like or not and more choices are what makes more people enjoy themselves.

    If your happy with Iracing and will never try anything else to see if it may be better, then how do you know what your using is the really the best available? seems like a very sheltered view and someone hoping they never find out that what they believe may not be true by avoiding any alternative views or options to alter their beliefs.

    Edit I fixed my FFB issue with Iracing it does feel good now So the stuff I said about not feeling much with the car is wrong as the feedback is quite good with Iracing. Still think we need many options as this game isnt perfect and there good things here and there and competition breads improvement so we need more games not less.
  13. rFactor will be a success, simply because of the customisability and varied options it has over the 'closed app', iRacing.

    iRacing certainly leads the way with tracks, modelling and realistic lighting but when it comes to physics, in my personal opinion they are poor. Perhaps 2.0 will change that.

    Also from my perspective (as an organiser of leagues) and many others that do the same, iRacing is not really fit for league usage, unless it is an American championship you wish to re-create.

    You can't emulate the BTCC, F1 or V8 Supercars for example.

    So while iRacing has it's plus points, it also has too many drawbacks to be practical for me.
  14. I have to agree with your final points there Ryan, it's not the most league friendly sim. However, I managed to turn that around to a positive, one of the reasons I started iRacing was the fact that I wasn't fixed to a certain race time, I'm usually able to make races during the week at a track I'd practice. Too often with rFactor, both when I was running my own leagues and when I was participating in the RDLMS I often found myself unable to attend events because real life steps in, you loose all that practice time without getting a race.

    By contrast iRacing allows me to races at the times most suitable for me, and if I miss a race there will always be another waiting in the wings later in the week, which at the moment, considering how busy I am and will be for the foreseeable future, is perfect.

    I'm not going to get into physics etc, iRacing is certainly my preferred sim...but when rFactor is used to it's full potential (the V8's and the DRM are two recent examples) I'll still race it from time to time.

    Whether or not I get rF2...I'm not sure, it will really depend on the quality of mods that are released, although judging by rF the high quality mods never get the following of the Meganes or RFT...CART1998 falling by the wayside is a good example. You end up rarely being able to, publicly, race the best mods (not that you'd want to race publicly).
  15. Lars Strijdonck

    Lars Strijdonck
    Six by nine. Forty two.

    Tbh if you have used iRacing so limited, you already found alot of stuff that aparently is bad or broken..
    IMO with the limited time you put in you use alot of heavy statements and words, you cannot do such a big review about all this aparrently "bad" stuff when not giving it a decent amount of time.

    Put more time in it try other cars and tracks before reviewing a game, it gives your review more "weight"

    And iam not sure if i buy rFactor2 all depends weither i see myself playing it every now and then.
    Its good to have a choice, so imo there for sure is a place for rFactor 2 and alike
  16. My opinion is you can never have to many racing games. The fact is nobody gets it all right, and there is always room to make it better and I think none will ever get it perfect. There are just too many factors that you will not get from real life to game. The best part about iracing is that it is always changing and evolving and will only get better in the future. Now being a "fan boy" of iracing doesn't mean that I don't have any other titles in my collection. Shoot I will still fire up F1 2010 due to my loving F1 however as many know it's more of a "game" than anything with the messed up Tire and fuel sim feature. So instead of going on and on I'll just say this. If it's a racing game it's good... lol
  17. Glad you sorted your FFB issue.

    I have never seen it claimed that iRacing is perfect. Would be interested to hear what 'options' you feel the sim needs. I ain't no fanboy, just curious as to what you think would make the iRacing service better? It's just a pet peeve of mine when folks state something needs adding to make it better, but never expand on it, to highlight where they think the faults initially lay.

    Also not sure if you have seen the thread here at RD referring to the upcoming iRacing 2.0 updates, where there are a whole raft of changes being highlighted (with release notes due out in due course for a full overview of what we'll be getting).

  18. I do find it amusing that the fact that iRacing is getting a new tyre model means the old one must have been bad. Could it not just be they are taking the existing model which to me stacks up well against the other racing titles out there and improved upon it? One of the reasons I enjoy iRacing is I really do feel like I'm racing on a track and not hovering above it with some canned feedback given to me to make the track seem bumpy and life-like, I really feel connected. We won't know for sure how it will pan out until we've tried it of course but given that just this new tyre model has had more development time spent on it (years) than a lot of racing titles have for their entire development then I have high hopes. If you look back through sim racing history and ask a sim racer for the name of a developer who has consistently delivered there would be two names you'd hear over and over again - Geoff Crammond and Dave Kaemmer so there's no fanboy element involved, I'm going on past history when I say I have high hopes for this new tyre model being good.

    As for not being suited for league use? I think many of our RD iRacing club members would disagree with one series complete, another well under way - both using a mix of US and European tracks using cars developed by a Japanese manufacturer. We have V8's, we just ran an F1 event and we can run more big world racing events such as the Indy 500, Endurance events. Its all down to personal taste at the end of the day. If running a BTCC series using tracks converted from very old innacurate data based on cars added to the game quite often on a modders best guess at how they should handle then my personal choice is iRacing. I'll buy rFactor 2 to see what its like, I may love it, in which case it will get added to my many other driving games but rFactor nearly killed my interest in online racing due to the worload of keepign up with cars mods, track mods and servers suddenly changing to support the favourite mod of the week. If thats popularity I'll stick to the structured environment in iRacing. As I said just my personal opinion on racing sims and my choice right now, rFactor 2 may change that view...we'll wait and see but choice is a good thing :)
  19. So how do I run a Holden V8 around Bathurst, Oran Park or Eastern Creek?

    Don't just dismiss people's views as wrong.
  20. Ryan you are taking things personal and that is the reason why threads like this go down the tube quickly. I quite clearly stated a number of times its my personal choice to use iRacing over another sim even though I dip in and out of others when the fancy takes me. Can I not race V8's anywhere other than Phillip Island and still have fun? There are far too few scratch built tracks in rFactor for my liking. The worst thing that every happened to the game were the quick and dirty convertors from old sims like GP4 etc. If that floats your boat thats fine but don't think that your opinion is the only valid one.